as mentioned earlier, changes have been made to inhabitant usergroups. these changes were necessary for a few different reasons; reasons that may not be obvious at this time.
usergroups serve two major functions on gV. the most obvious purpose the granting of user permissions. some usergroups will be able to undertake actions that other permissions cannot. the second, and less obvious, function is the available scope of moderation actions. the higher the usergroup, the more insulated the user becomes against interface units.

many inhabitants will have received a new trophy: inhabitant II. the criteria for this trophy is 66 trophy points. once a user accumulates 66 trophy points they are awarded the inhabitant II trophy and moved into a new usergroup. this new usergroup allows an inhabitant to have/edit a signature and to invite up to five people to a private conversation. these are the only two front-end elements to the usergroup.

some inhabitants will not have received the inhabitant II trophy. while technically their usergroup does not permit signatures, it has been decided that existing signatures will remain, with the caveat that the signature is non-editable until such time that the inhabitant II trophy is secured*.

here is a breakdown of the existing usergroups and what they are made up of.

new arrival - the initial usergroup. all new registrations to gotVirtual start in this group. this group is a bot-trap. new arrivals are not expected to spend much time within this group.
new arrival may:
  • post and reply to threads
  • post and reply to profiles
  • post status updates
  • initiate conversation with up to 1 recipient per conversation
inhabitant- members must make 3 posts and accrue 10 likes to enter this usergroup.
inhabitant may:
  • 'like' content (posts, profile comments)
  • upload attachments
  • view moderation notices
  • set custom user title
  • initiate conversation with up to 3 recipients per conversation...