gV is now updated to rc1. all maintenance has been completed.
this has brought numerous changes to gV, but here are those which may be of the most interest to inhabitants:

  • newsfeeds are now enabled. newsfeeds are posted by interface module Uranus in an appropriate subnode. there is currently no plan to enable more feeds, although this is an option should the need arise.
  • the overlay framework has been extended to include message editing. simple message editing will no longer require a page refresh, as all edits are handled via ajax.
    note: we were forced to temporarily revert to the legacy smilie-selection system, although we hope to change this soon enough. also realise that the overlay will not load the attachment function, so any editing of attachments will have to be done on the 'more options' screen of the editor.
  • users may elect to fully disable the rich-text editor in favour of the legacy editor via the 'preferences'. this may be useful to those that prefer to see the actual bbcode (rather than its effect). its also useful for chrome users that wish to avoid entirely the situation where colour-formatted text is pasted into the editor.
  • the rich-text editor now inherits the styles css formatting. this makes the editor a proper 'wysiwyg' editor in that it properly displays the text and background colours, as well as the link styling employed by the current theme. this also has the advantage of alerting one to any colour-formatting being pasted by chrome. pasted colour-formatting is problematic for users of the dark themes as the pasted colour-formatting is frequently black text. please try to avoid this. text formatting can be removed from messages by highlighting the affected text and clicking the 'remove formatting' button in the editor:

  • the style-chooser now...
a few changes to usergroups that we should explain.
all active members should have received a new trophy: Inhabitant. the criteria for this trophy are three messages posted, and ten likes received. anybody that receives the trophy is automatically moved into a new 'backend usergroup' which affects various forum permissions, relating to such things as the ability to have a signature, post into various forums, invite people to join private conversation, etc. in effect, new arrivals will be on probationary status until they make three posts and attract ten likes. soon there will a new node made available for new arrivals to acclimate themselves within. they will be confined to this node until such time they achieve the inhabitant trophy. this allows inhabitants the freedom to 'authorise' new arrivals without admin intervention. this will not go into effect until we have determined the existing permission structure is sound.
as far as existing active inhabitants go, they should not notice any difference to their own permissions. if anything seems different, please make it known.

a technical sidenote: trophies are awarded via a cronjob that runs every 30 minutes. a person that has achieved the requisite goals to earn a trophy may have to wait as long as 30 minutes for the trophy to become active.

vigorous debate of this policy is encouraged, but under no circumstances should the thread be derailed or used as a venue to deride one another.
let us make this more clear: the MCP will not, under any possible circumstances, tolerate off-topic commentary or ad hominem exchanges within the threads it initiates.