the MCP has completed its initial scan of all public topics and has reconciled the data using internal collation algorithms. this has allowed MARS to write out additional forum nodes for the use of gV inhabitants.

expect to see topics relocated over the coming hours as our maintenance bot moves through the forum. it is possible that the bot may make a computational misjudgement, in which case the thread author should 'report post' the first post of the thread and advise us of its rightful location.

this was not done sooner as we had insufficient data available to us. the necessity of certain forum nodes can not be predicted, and are only written out when analysis suggests they are needed.
a thread to propose smilies.
smilies must matte properly against both light and dark backgrounds, meaning animated gifs will be closely scrutinised.
smilies cannot be overly large.
png is preferred.

along with the smilie, please suggest its code, for example :happy: