we have assembled all the past gV holiday logos in to a single album, located here.
our fear is that we will forget a holiday! please list some reasonably popular holidays (including the dates!) for us to refer to in the future. we are talking about national holidays that more than one person will be celebrating, or holidays that might be of importance to the community (sl bday for example) ;)
gotVirtual has moved much of its content into 'the cloud', meaning that static content is distributed by servers world-wide, rather than from the single server in atlanta. this also provides an additional security layer to gV.
in theory, content should be served to a user by a server within close proximity to them.
please give feedback, letting us know if things are faster, slower, nothing has changed, there is a problem, etc. particularly if you are located near one of these locations:

Amsterdam, NL
Ashburn, VA
Chicago, IL
Dallas, TX
Frankfurt, DE
Hong Kong, HK
Los Angeles, CA
Newark, NJ
Paris, FR
San Jose, CA
Singapore, SG
Tokyo, JP