a few things have happened since the last update thread last month.
  • in addition to the community standards and the inhabitant rights pages, an informational infraction page has been posted.
  • currently there are five active modules: mars, phobos, deimos, earth, and mercury. there are further module activations in the works.
  • dev/null/ has been reactivated. its purpose is to function as a repository for off-topic threads, spam, and toxic threads. inhabitants cannot start new threads within the node, but they may reply to most threads within the node. content located in dev/null/ will not appear on 'whats new' or 'recent threads'.
  • the number of reports has diminished dramatically in recent weeks, which is a good thing.
  • the earth module was relinquished back to the mcp. when the earth module again became available, i (nina) decided to take possession of it myself, and use it to interact 'officially' with my fellow inhabitants.
needless to say, gV has undergone changes since its launch in november, but mars as a module has remained the same. back then i made a decision to place mars 'outside' the social element of community. i wanted mars to serve as nothing more than an official voice for the administration. i wanted mars to announce, solicit feedback, and to facilitate the wishes of the community while at the same time protecting my own vision of what gV would become, all in a no-drama context. in that respect, he has been marvelous. in case it isnt obvious, the entire reason for the detached administrator was that i wanted to avoid becoming a 'your mom' counterpart. the downside though... mars could not answer questions directly. mars could not warn people off of unwanted behaviour. mars was powerless to intervene in anything until after the fact, and even then it had to be taken in a roundabout...
the appeal for inhabitant 129 is now concluded.
the appeal thread has been marked read-only.

the inhabitants permanent ban has been commuted to a one week ban. by logging in, the inhabitant will agree to the following:
  1. their username will be reverted to 'pep', without a reboot of the cooling down process
  2. they will carry a 10 point infraction penalty for 120 days
  3. inhabitant will cease with any attempts to negotiate behaviour with the mcp
this appeal is the final verdict. there will be no further appeals of this ruling.

please allow this to serve as a reminder: the antivirus modules function outside the realm of infractions and warnings. this is how it has been since day 0, and this is how it will remain in the future.
if an inhabitant finds themselves being followed by one of the antivirus modules, it is suggested they take stock of their behaviour and take the steps necessary to appear less virus-like.

edited to add: yes, we have taken note of this read-only poll, which does appear to be a bug.