we have successfully seen through both the settler and construction phase of our community-building exercise. now it is time to undertake the third; governance.
both the technical and community codes are in place. all that lacks is the means by which the community governs.

a new discussion has been initiated. interface modules is our first step into community governance. please share your hopes, concerns, and ideas in that thread.
as outlined in the thread 'please...', node area17 is intended for the posting of potentially volatile subject matter, such as cross-site drama or other content which may encourage aggravation.
the feedback node is intended for suggestions, complaints, and assistance.
topics not specifically related to suggestions, complaints, or assistance are being relocated from 'feedback' to an appropriate node. those beyond redemption will be made read-only.

as a courtesy to fellow inhabitants, please post all threads in an appropriate node, and please remain aware of the location of any threads replied to.

the mcp is reluctant to police inhabitants, but policy must be adhered to. we have updated the sensitivity for phobos and deimos. expect them to be more vigilant in their duties from this point forward.

vigorous debate of this posting is encouraged, but under no circumstances should the thread be derailed or used as a venue to deride one another.
let us make this more clear: the MCP will not, under any possible circumstances, tolerate off-topic commentary or ad hominem exchanges within the threads it initiates.