occasionally we may join a community using one name, only to later wish we had chosen another.
a new feature has been added to the existing inhabitant II usergroup: username change.
all members of the inhabitant II group may now change their name once per 180 days.
a link to the the username controls can be found in 'advanced options' on the personal details page.

new usernames follow the same criteria as newly registered names:
  • username must be unique
  • usernames cannot be reused
  • usernames are not to be used to grief or impersonate

things to note: a new username will become effective immediately, however, it may take time for it to be reflected in some areas of the site, such as the 'likes' display, 'last post by' and so on. there are technical reasons for this, relating to caching. rather than running cpu-expensive sql queries on every request, gV instead uses a datastore to cache output. an old username may remain in the cache for a long time in certain circumstances, such as an inactive thread.
core updates are on hold for possibly many days.
while we are in a holding pattern for the upcoming core updates:

*please note that the statistics for relate to the pre-close blogrum. the new linden forum is, and is not yet significant enough to rate in these stats, although it is steeply trending upward in a positive way.