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Discussion in 'fleet comms' started by nina, 1 Apr 2014.

  1. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    jolan tru, beautifuls.

    with our final kdf t5 upgrade project now in cool-down, we find ourselves in a fortunate position. we are one of very few fully tiered kdf fleets in sto. as a result, we have something very special to offer the other fleets; beautiful member resources.
    council of athena is a fed fleet that finds itself in a similar phase of their fleet development. they are now finishing off their fed fleet and have many fed resources available.

    so athena and beautiful have been talking quite a bit about a mutually-beneficial system:
    fed-side: council of athena redirects surplus member resources to our fed fleet, house of beautiful -ufp-.
    kdf-side: house of beautiful redirects surplus member resources to their kdf fleet, house of athena.

    @ruinsfate is the athena contact, and they are members of both beautiful fleets and also the beautiful global chat. please remember this: if you are ranked 'beautiful guard' or above, please make sure @ruinsfate makes a note of this in 'officer comments' upon your return to beautiful so we can ensure you are returned to your proper rank.
    ruinsfate and i will be inviting temporary members to house of beautiful -ufp-, so dont be surprised to see a lot of members coming and going.

    its also worth noting that while the athenians will be donating marks, and to a lesser extent dil, its not likely they are going to fill doffs and commodities. we must be extra vigilant to upkeep our responsibility to keep all doff and commodity inputs full if we want these projects to tick over regularly.

    we hope to have a properly official protocol in place soon, but until then this will work.

    with love,
  2. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    just a post to let everyone know that this partnership is no longer valid.
    as silly as it may sound, Athena were agitated by the fact that the Beautifuls were contributing too much to the Athena kdf fleet, and Athena feared they could not reciprocate. what makes this so comical is that the difference amounted to about 200k fleet credit :rolleyes:

    we ended up with @ruinsfate in the deal though, so we came out ahead no matter what the case. ruin is currently ranked beautiful command and is primarily a fed, and is currently working on Beautiful -ufp-.

    as it stands, beautiful has no official fed t5 partner. that being said, many of our members also have toons in t5 fed fleets (myself included), so if you need access to fed t5 goodies dont hesitate to talk about that.

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