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    in an effort to promote their new upgrade mechanic, cryptic have kicked off a 'free upgrade materials' event. this event runs from now until october 13th, but there are in fact three separate deadlines within that event:
    • until sep 29th to claim shield and ground mats
    • until oct 6th to claim sci and eng upgrade mats
    • until oct 13th to claim beam, cannon, and projectile upgrade mats
    these can be claimed by each of your toons.
    romulans please note that you pick your upgrade mats from romulus command, not esd/qonos.
    these upgrade materials are capable of upgrading a piece of gear one mk level, and have a slim chance of also increasing its rarity. note that you have zero chance to upgrade to gold rarity at this time.
    its worth pointing out that there have been reports of various gear 'breaking' or even 'downgrading' after upgrade, breaking set bonuses, complaints of a very high dil cost, and so on. i suggest collecting the upgrade mats and putting off any actual upgrading until bugs are ironed out and whatnot.

    fed.jpg rom.jpg kdf.jpg
    fed npc is located in the personal equipment room, while rom & kdf npc are located near their respective tailors
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