Asus T100TA Transformerbook (a LiB thread)

Discussion in 'tech' started by Lain, 18 Jul 2015.

  1. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    I didn't want to piss up Kita's hardware thread with Asus T100 stuff.

    I will be using this thread as a general 'logbook' if you wish.

    Currently I have updated Windows 8.1, disabled all of the useless services, and installed the following:

    Comodo Firewall
    DirectX 9 runtimes
    Libre Office

    Hooked it to a fresh MS account and installed Soulcraft, MS Solitaire, and tapatalk.

    Installed South Park - Stick of Truth to the SD Card. Game ran well, video lagged. Moved to onboard SSD and it works perfectly.

    Now to attach a gamepad and try that.
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  2. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    Gamepad works like it should, however SoT doesn't support it so its mouse and KB (not touchscreen friendly).

    PPSP runs with pretty impressive, yet varied results. Force Unleashed seems to be the limit (plays mostly smooth), God of War crushes the emulator. Lumines is a breeze.

    Uncompressed ISOs are best when compressed ISO (CSO) size gets above 500mb, give or take depending on title.
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  3. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    So., who has the cliff notes on Steam?

    Someone recommended I get an account.
  4. Kita

    Kita Should Update Title

    World's largest digital or otherwise game distributor. Hundreds of thousands of games, from AAA games to indie games. If you are looking for a game, type it in search. They have 80% of what you are looking for, including classics. GOG has steam codes with their games too, because Valve will have the same ones available.

    My library is close to 400 games. Mulch is an E-Hoarder who buys every humble bundle or bundle stars bundle he doesn't have yet, and therefore has probably around 600 games. :p

    If Stick of Truth will play, then Psychonauts will play too. Get that, you and Bunnie will both love it! I think Bunnie might especially :) So cute and twisted! :D Be sure you use a gamepad for it, it is a PS2 port and plays best with a controller.

    You can connect with me on the friends thingy, I am Imaya. That will let you be nosy and look at my games list. If I played it, I probably would recommend it. But you can poke me and ask about a game if you are unsure :D I am pretty good about not grabbing the codes for junk filler games off of the bundles, but I have only played a fraction of my library so there are some I still need to check out.

    Steam is like crack covered pringles man... once you pop you are hooked for life! :p You will dig it once you get into it. Really nice to have a central repository of your games, and you do NOT need to be online to play a game unless the GAME has DRM that says you do or if it is an online game. You only need to be online to download the games or to sync your saves to the cloud (you can save them locally too). Syncing to the cloud is really nice since your Steam account has the codes to all your games, and will allow you to install the games on any computer you log into your steam account from. Obviously, this will then let you pick up a game save from where you left off on any computer your account and saves are synced to. :) No matter what computer you log into your steam account from, you will have your entire library available to download and play. I have a more selective selection on my laptop, but have allllll the games downloaded on my main rig. Unless the game has shitty DRM from the game publisher, Steam doesn't care how many computers you put your account on... only rule is that only one person can be playing the same game at the same time. So, you guys can share an account too, and both play games off that account at the same time from different computers, just not the same game. Valve is super lenient and doesn't mind account sharing... they even help you by allowing you to share your library with another account, with the same rule that only one person can play a copy of a game at a time.

    It's as close as you can get to having a physical copy these days, and I am damn glad a company with some morals and who loves the games more than the money are the biggest dogs in this fight. I have been a Valve cheerleader for a while, and all for good reasons. People who bitch about Steam are frankly just bitchers who need to bitch. It is as DRM free as the GAME PUBLISHERS allow them to be. The amount of exposure they give to indie games, and the fact they give indie games a place to self publish... they are doing a service to the game industry. THEY are the ones allowing the talent to come out. They are doing the exact OPPOSITE of crushing the game industry with DRM, they are nurturing it and allowing it to grow. I have discovered so many great Indie games I never would have heard of without Steam, and thousands of Indie developers have had successful games, were able to make some money off them, and continue to make games instead of dying at the gate trying to get published or noticed on the XBox live market. Steam isn't big or strong enough to thumb EA, and you still have to deal with all the same BS DRM those assholes want, but Valve doesn't add any of their own nor do they add it to Indie games. Steam is just a convenience, the online feature is a convenience, and if you are paranoid, when you download the game it will download the WHOLE effin game to your computer so you can back it up and launch it from it's regular launcher without ever using steam again. The exception being, of course, games with DRM built in by publishers, which is not Valve's fault.
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  5. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

  6. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    Early observations -

    Windows 8 cannot replace my Droid anymore than I can use a Droid as my primary computing platform.

    Due to the current technological landscape the only solution is to carry solutions for 'all of the above'.

    Fortunately, the Asus means I can simply carry it for Windows and the fsct that it is also a tablet is s nice perk, I can drop the KB and go mobile without dragging out my Droid for simple tasks.

    I gave all of the Droid emus a whirl, they work OK but loadtimes are draggy and the touch response is quirky. So dropping the Droid and running my Droid stuff on an emu is not worthwhile.

    As such, my current kit loadout consists of a netbook with lUbuntu and 500GB of storage (Linux), the Asus (Windows), and my Samsung GT4.8 (Droid).

    I gave up trying to work an Apple product into my setup, mostly because iTunes and their update mechanism makes me want to hurt people.

    I've tried to eliminate Windoze from my arsenal but it comes in handy for keeping pace with Microsoft's latest disaster. It keeps telling me I have a free Windows 10 upgrade otw, but I've read mixed things about the upgrade process (can I use that file to do a clean install? Who knows).
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  7. Kita

    Kita Should Update Title

    What kind of tweaks do you recommend for Comodo?

    I am just learning Networking, so I am farting around and looking at Wireshark and such. I responded to an ICMP packet (looks like a CRL list request? HUH?? I am unsure how to read wireshark output, may have been a broadcast) from a known malicious IP, so I know this must not be the first time. I don't want to do that. Might be because I am on a slutty public WiFi that lets anything in. I am forcing encryption on my end, but still a bit unsure what else I can do without having a VPN set up. They use NAT here, so I am not too worried. The fact I responded instead of ignoring it is what worries me.

    Suggestions for locking myself down when I am going wireless a bit more?
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  8. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    That's interesting.

    I always run a firewall on Windows that is not the Windows one.

    Generally I recommend Comodo, it is free and robust, with good control and configuration options.

    I have it Installed on the Asus and it can be annoying for a day or two while you teach it but so far it has served me well.

    ICMP inbound requests are fairly common on public networks and more common than one might like on private ones due to poorly configured multicast software packages and sloppy coding.

    So many developers are being rushed to meet ridiculous demands that all of the software is shit anymore.

    What is your extension loadout? Is it possible the ICMP request was linked to any one of the numerous portal setups various public WAPs are using?
  9. Kita

    Kita Should Update Title

    I was able to identify internally generated packets, as those used the private adressing behind the network (I was assigned a private class c address, and default gateway was So I filtered all those out. I was more curious what else was going on beyond that. I googled all the IPs I was receiving traffic from, and one class A stood out. It pointed to an edge server in EU hosting shit I had never heard of. People were reporting it as being a source of spam and viruses. I suppose one of my addons could have been using it, but there were a number of reports about the traffic from this IP so I got suspicious. TCP connection, and first recorded was an inbound package to me (but there could have been more before I began capture). That was odd too, since icmp is UDP... so I guess not icmp (i'm a network noob here!) There was a connection? request, with exchange of ack packages. And that was it, no further traffic after my computer and the remote one acknowledged each other. Don't recall the port. It wasn't in the dynamic range, nor was it one I had encountered in my studies.

    My addons are adblock plus, disconnect, flashblock, https everywhere, tabcloud, and hola (disabled, but is the only one I suspect could be the source)
  10. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    ICMP is not generally used as a transport protocol. Someone running an unstealthy nmap might have generated the request.

    It is highly possible (even probable) that someone on the segment is a zombie node. Either blasting out random requests or making the requests on behalf of a bot operator.

    Windows Firewall has a bad habit of setting up favorable trust rules for applications deemed 'safe'. This is one reason I use Comodo, and I keep the settings a bit paranoid.

    I'd rather get 100 queries a day about apps and their activity than have them pulling shit behind my back.
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  11. Mulch

    Mulch Why does the drum come hither?

    i think windows 10 drops tomorrow and i think you will like it if you like windows 7

    it is supposedly the last windows "release" and only updates will follow

    add me on steam, mulchmaker
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  12. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    Bought one.of these.....


    Originally intended for my Droid, Samsung has crippled my OTG support and I cannot mount a mobile HDD or optical drive. Only USB and memory cards. Gamepad didn't work, optical mouse did, USB DVD no go, 2TB mobile no go........ GAAH!

    I can connect another Tablet or Camera. Handy for offloading photos onto a bigger viewing space. Or do some quick edits.

    Device works well, and when connected to the Asus (Win 8), all devices work as they should.

    It seems the only fix is to root the Gtab and install a custom kernel, involving a high risk of bricking the device.

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  13. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    damn. i need one of those.
    im still using a super old case with the usb access in the back.
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  14. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    So far, the Asus makes a great mobile computing platform for standard windows tasks and basic websurfing/interwebz trolling.

    Gaming is decent. Better than I would have expected. My biggest complaint about the machine is that, and this is an artifact of running "full blown" Windows, it consumes large amounts of data when browsing and doing basic tasks. Much more than it's Android counterpart, which I still use as my primary OTG device.

    Have not installed Windows 10 yet. I wish Windows Defender would stop nagging me for definition updates (I generally disable automatic updates from Windows).
  15. Kita

    Kita Should Update Title

    Ya, I am getting defender update nagging too. It keeps popping my firewall (still in learning mode). I need to dig around and find out what I need to nuke to make it go away. Windows Firewall stays on too, and since there are no conflicts I can see, I have made no effort to find the permanent plug for it. I like how light they run, Comodo is a bit of a hog on my old, limited laptop.

    I keep notifications for Windows updates on, since I am a flake who can't even remember to manually check every second Tuesday. I should get a calendar or something... :p

    From the initial reactions I am reading, it is sounding like waiting on Win10 might be a good call. They lock it down good, but at the cost of privacy. People are bugging out about abuse potential with Kid's mode too, since it uses all kinds of preloaded spyware to spy on the kids. Not only can people who you DONT want to spy on the kids therefore spy on them, they are in the kernel and therefore can be manipulated to be used against a normal user. I haven't read too much into it, since all the dust is still settling, and won't get my own panties in a twist until the first service pack.

    Stick to Android on the tablet. All that is missing from it is virtualization potential, so you can run Win10 or iOS as a virtual machine as needed. That would be teh shit. I am going to dig deeper into mobile devices once I get a tech job and have a better idea what I need for my position. As it is, your setup seems like a really solid one for a tech not tied to one OS or who is doing work that is not OS specific. I have been a fangirl of Windows due to the familiarity and the berth of tools, but really am starting to come around to the idea of lighter weight OSes even on more fully featured devices. Linux builds are still too finicky for me at this point to have on a support system that needs to be rock solid, and the reason why I have stuck with Windows on my laptop. I don't know enough about Linux to create a solid, custom build for every device before I take it into the field, nor will I have the time (and it is completely unprofessional) to be debugging and installing new stuff while on the job. Windows has all I need before I know I need it, and I am learning about more tools as I take more classes. I have stuck with it for this reason, but am getting annoyed by such conveniences as time goes on...* Android just effing works out of the box, has full support and updates, and lets you tweak to your heart's content if you have the time to debug and mess with it. It has the core shit I need, and is really simple to add onto without breaking my kernel.

    *I always knew that Windows was fully featured/ bloated (depending who you ask), but the extent of it keeps going deeper and deeper as I find more tools I never knew were there. If I, a power user for years, don't know what this shit is, why the fuck is it there for the average user?? Honestly, there are gigs and gigs of stuff that should never load, not even be preinstalled, and should only be included in special releases for technicians or as packs/ modules that can be grabbed as needed. Hell, throw the tools up on servers and run them as ActiveX, or whatever their plugin is that allows remote code execution from Microsoft. So, if a tech needs to use them on a user's computer, they can remote into the computer with their own technician bloated OS with all the tools, or can access them from a Microsoft server and run it on the client. The OS needs to be smarter about what is pre-installed and activated too. They cut down on tons of crap after Vista, but even 8 has tons of utilities and support for shit that I will never use, or keeps shit constantly running that doesn't need to be because it is rarely used. I wish they would just keep one piece of plug and play code running that will detect if I need support for every little eventuality instead of just installing it, or even a little installer doodad with pretty pictures for people who don't know what they are doing that will walk them through turning on and installing other non core shit. It also needs to be smarter about turning off unused services and compacting it into one service that turns rarely used shit on when needed, off when not, and only keeps services running that I use often. I hope Win10 is smarter about all this, since 8 is better, but still bloated... but not holding my breath. Make the users work a little to install and customize modularly what they need in the first week of use with a new OS, have a nice little program that keeps track of what their personal, customized build of Windows looks like and sync that info to their Microsoft account in the cloud. It will lead to a FAR better user experience, and allow Windows to run on all kinds of devices if it is customized for multiple uses and multiple devices, and quickly reinstalled just how they like it on new devices or reinstalls. It will be MUCH more secure when users know what should and shouldn't be running, less shit in the background to be exploited or taken over, and ports aren't being left open by the OS for unnecessary bloat. It will also ensure Windows will run the leanest it has ever run, and not collapse under it's own weight as computing moves more and more towards small, light, efficient, custom, and portable.
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  16. Mulch

    Mulch Why does the drum come hither?

    did you update yesterday?

    (fondly remembers hounding her to update windows for 2 weeks each month until she did or told me she did to shut me up. as if the notifications will help)
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  17. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    How very sad. Comodo has reached that point where it's too complex and resource intensive to be useful.

    It's bogging down this poor little laptop and crushing it beneath it's obtrusive system hooks. CPU usage is constantly high (>40%), memory consumption is WAY over the top for a Firewall and the extra crap that's packed into it might look nice and shiny to people comparing it to McAssfee or Norton Anti-Funtional.

    Currently I am running the Windows Firewall and Windows Defender and I feel unprotected. I've read countless articles about the new firewall and virus product included with this iteration of Windows and all subsequent ones. Some of my peers talk up a storm about how effective they are......

    And yet Windows computers are as easy to get into as a cardboard box left out in the rain.

    So, in the interim I have gone through and removed/disabled any applications, services, or uneeded bloatware to lock it up as tight as Windows can be locked without crippling it's functionality, and am on the hunt for a Firewall/AV solution that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy without consuming the majority of the systems resources to do it.

    Why can't Microsoft just bite the bullet like Apple did and incorporate *nix into their product like the rest of the free world?

    And while we're on the subject of stupid software options, what's the fucking deal with Windows version of Chrome not allowing for page compression like it's Android counterpart? HELLO. I still need to STOP THE BLEEDING BANDWIDTH CONSUMPTION ON A WINDOWS TABLET TOO STUPID FUCKERS!

  18. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    Continuing along my current path with Windows 8.1, I have installed and tested both Native Instruments Traktor and Image Line's Fruity Loops. Both were an unmitigated disaster.

    Both applications install and work just fine, except they bury my CPU and the audio is chopped all to hell and back. Installing the ASIO4All driver seemed to have little impact on the situation, as did increasing the latency as far as possible on both the WDM driver and the ASIO driver.

    What is odd is that I found one or two random posts on the Wastebin where people report to have these things working just fine.

    Frustrating. I would think this quad core Bay Trail should have no issues pushing either of these applications. I know they are older versions, but they ran just fine on my previous Windows 8 laptop circa last year.
  19. Kita

    Kita Should Update Title

    *burrrrrppp* Double post.....
  20. Kita

    Kita Should Update Title

    Lain, it very possibly could be conflicts putting the CPU in the shitter if other people are reporting them working.

    See if you can find some similar dependencies that may be conflicting.
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