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Discussion in 'tech' started by Morgaine Alter, 12 Dec 2010.

  1. Morgaine Alter

    Morgaine Alter ppl watching what I like

    Asus Laptop G73J
    ATI catalyst install Manager uninstall says it will remove all ATI software is that safe?
    I know ever since I downloaded this crap to see if I had all drivers updated to get rid of that sky issue I have in SL, my computer has been acting up.
    I would like to get rid of it.
    When I go to uninstall I get this message and I am just nervous.
    Will it remove things I need like the freaking graphics card or driver?
    This is the part I do not like to mess with on computers.
  2. Morgaine Alter

    Morgaine Alter ppl watching what I like

    I also do not expect something for nothing in advice.
    So I did my due diligence and offer you a nice little avy of beewbies for you.
    Unfortunately those are not mine or actually fortunately. :angel:
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  3. Morgaine Alter

    Morgaine Alter ppl watching what I like

    well I will say I did goahead and unistall all then did a driver clean sweep.
    Now I have no graphics driver and everything on the screen is large as if I was in safe mode.
    So off to find the driver :)
  4. nina

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    i would download the standalone driver and give the bloated catalyst control centre a miss.
    there is a third-party app that works as a control centre called 'ati tray tools' which is pretty good stuff.
  5. Elmer Fudd

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  6. Morgaine Alter

    Morgaine Alter ppl watching what I like

    Well I was nervous since it is a laptop and downloaded from Asus after wiping everything off the 'puter.
    That took forever and guess what ... it was the freaking Catalyst grrr.
    So I ran it and things are normal again.
    I will wait and see if I have any issues with this computer again.
    No worms/virus or that stuff.
    It has been loading slow as can be when Win 7 is super fast and hasnt lately but, it was freezing badly a lot actually. Once had the BSOD.
    I did before all this use comodo and set that up.
    I guess it will be a waiting game now to see if it responds like it did before I did what I did, which I am not sure what I did.

    thank you guys <3
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  7. Lain

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    Sorry I missed this, looks like you got great advice. :D

    If I might profer a bit more? :2cents:

    If you're using an ATI chip, then chances are it's also an AMD laptop yes? It's worth considering going into your advanced properties manager for power, and set your CPU cores (both of them) to a maximum of 95% usage.

    The reason is, it will keep your AMD CPU from cranking on 100% all the time which causes a tremendous amount of heat on laptops (notebooks) with this combination of chipset. You get excellent graphics performance, and nice playback but it's like an f'n toaster oven.

    Clipping hers to 95% showed no noticeable performance hit and dropped the heat under load by 10 degrees C.

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  8. Morgaine Alter

    Morgaine Alter ppl watching what I like

    Ah that is great info AMD on my first laptop which is still around was awful! Melted the system board on it within 6months.
    This is not AMD it has i7 in it.
    Seems ok now but, I havent been on it enough I do notice it does not reload as quick as it did before thou.
    Which was one of the first things I noticed with the i7.
    oh well
    ty ty
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