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Discussion in 'fleet comms' started by nina, 10 Jul 2015.

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    fleet armadas are due to launch with season 10.5, most likely next week. if you arent aware of the whole armada deal, its basically a way for up to 13 fleets to pool resources and donate to eachothers projects. this would, for example, allow HoB members to donate directly to beautiful auxiliary fleet projects without needing to leave the fleet. pretty cool, yeah?

    of course that brings opportunities for more partnerships, similar to those that we in the past entered into with house of athena and the like. and that in turn presents us with questions, such as what policies and protocols we will want to have in place.

    there are many things we should discuss, but sto doesnt offer us a really great way to do it. for that reason i ask you to come to our website, register, and give us your input on the forum. the more voices we have, the more likely we are to have a truly representative armada policy.


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