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    jolan tru, beautifuls.

    i am pleased to announce that the House of Beautiful now has a sister fleet fed-side! 'House of Beautiful -ufp-' is a t3 federation fleet. it was formerly known as Starfleet Trade Association, and i have had my fed toons in the fleet since season 5. @BucaDeCow and @Ministry186 are the leaders over there, and they have pretty much single-handedly brought that fleet up to the level its at. they are a hard-working team and are looking forward to getting some fresh feds on deck.
    the fleet will feel very familiar to a Beautiful. in addition to carrying the Beautiful name, the fed fleet also uses the same rankings, 75k access unlock, the same protocols, and uses the same global chat channel. ...so no more fed-bashing in chat for me!
    i will have more details about this development soon, but as it is the fleet is open. if you create a new fed please dont hesitate to ask buca, michael, or myself for an invite.

    i would also like to draw your attention to the new featured episode rerun/lobi promotion going on. basically, if you run a featured episode you get 15 lobi. this is gated at per 20 hours, and is also per-account. so no, you cannot run 4 toons per day and earn 60 lobi every day. 'spin the wheel' is perhaps the fastest and easist of the missions that qualify. if you already have one of these missions active, drop it and reclaim it to be sure the lobi will be rewarded. you have the potential to earn 500 lobi in total during this event.

    also worth noting is the hidden accolades and the hidden set of [hangar - advanced obelisk swarmers] in the new featured episode 'sphere of influence'.
    when you get to the exterior part of the mission and start extending bridges, extend them all, use all the consoles, and follow the blue symbols to the last platform. when worf says 'This appears to be some sort of master control panel' DONT use that console, and head back to one of the dead end consoles and 'open hidden compartment', collect your hangars, then jump off for another accolade.

    with love,

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