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    in case you are not aware, last week at the las vegas star trek convention, sto devs announced the upcoming expansion 'delta rising' and dropped three important bits of info on us:
    1. the level cap will be raised to lvl 60.
    2. weapons/gear will cap at mk IV
    3. t6 ships will enter the market.
    what they havent done is provide any information in regards to gear upgrades, t5 ship upgrades, fleet ship upgrades, lockbox ship upgrades, rep gear upgrades, etc. all they have said is that t5 ships will 'remain competative' and that there is an upgrade mechanism in the works that will allow your t5 ships to be only slightly worse than the new t6 ships.

    with that in mind we suggest the following:

    1. DON'T buy any ships out of the C-Store. Do not buy any ships from the C-Store for any reason until you hear the news on details to upgrade ships from T5 to T6 if that's even going to be possible

    2. DON'T buy any fleet ships. Same thing applies here. The devs have made it clear that T6 will now be top-of-the-line ships with exclusive abilities, so it'd be crazy to invest any FC's or FSM's into these ships without knowing more.

    3. DON'T open lockboxes for ships. With the exception of the JHAS which has been stated to be upgradeable to T6 free-of-charge, consider not opening lockboxes at all until you know more about the plan for these ships. Hoard your keys, the boxes will still be there when you have more information.

    4. DON'T buy fleet/reputation equipment, including carrier pets. These items are currently at Mk XII and we now know Mk XIII and Mk XIV equipment is coming.

    5. DON'T buy Lobi ships or gear. Same as everything above. This is the most expensive gear in the game by far and you NEED an answer before investing in this stuff.

    6. DO stockpile dilithium/zen. We don't know enough details, but we can reasonably infer Cryptic wouldn't be doing this much work without expecting a huge revenue component.


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