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    heres a quick list to check different Doffs that you get from finishing different exploration cluster chains, note that these are repeatable so you can get as many of these as you like, quests spawn randomly so checking around the clusters might be needed:

    -Betreka nebula - Alpha Trianguli sector - Lamat'Clan - Jem'hadar - assault squad officer - [ground] chance to reduce recharge time by 2 seconds when a grenade is thrown

    - D'Kel star cluster - omega leonis sector - Laura Conneely - Human - armory officer - [ground] chante to beam in an additional turret

    -Arucanis arm - regulus sector - Malaar - Orion - tractor beam officer - [space] drains target shields with tractor beam

    -Afehirr nebula - psi velorum sector - Nigulan - Reman - energy weapons officer - [space] chance to reduce the time to recharge when using subsystem targeting attacks

    -T'Ong nebula - omega leonis sector - K'Punok - Klingon - security officer - [ground] chance to beam donw an additional security escort when using security team

    -Azlesa expanse - omega leonis sector - Aoto - Lethean - deflector officer - [space] chance to reduce the recharge time for deflector abilities

    -Zenas expanse - zeta andromeda sector - Eilas - Vorta - warp theorist - [space] applies a turn rate debuff with tachyon beam

    -Rolor nebula - beta ursae sector - Prok the Betrayer - Breen - shield distribution officer - [space] chance to partially regenerate shields when take damage after using brace for impact

    -Eridan belt - iota pavonis sector - Taiban - Romulan - gravimetric scientist - [space] chance to create an aftershock gravity well

    -Eridon nebula - omega leonis sector - Netang - Nausicaan - fabrication engineer - [ground] chance to beam in additional support drone

    -Khazan kluster - alpha centauri sector - Hunter Darr - Hirogen - projectile weapons officer - [space] chance to reduce the time to recharge torpedoes

    -Delta volanis cluster - sirius sector - Kaboh - Defari - doctor - [ground] on use of medical tricorder or vascular regenerator, chance to increase your maximum hit points

    -B'Tran cluster - gamma orionis sector - Two of Twelve - Gorn - techinician - [space] recharge time on bridge officer abilities reduced

    -Hromi cluster - pi canis sector - Marza Rumur - El-Aurian - astrometrics scientist - [space] recharge time reduced on all transwarp abilities

    Doffs above are named as found by KDF, for example B'Tran cluster technician is called Ten of Ten for federation players.
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    of special note is the fabrication engineer( eridon nebula) useful in crafting and the technician (b'tran) thats the backbone of the aux2bat build.
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    I've found that Laura Conneely - Armory officer from D'kel cluster Omega leonis is the most used on my doff missions. Currently i have 10 and they all on duty, specially good for getting 30% crit chance on all the above mentioned doff missions.

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