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Discussion in 'gV governance' started by Mars, 26 Dec 2010.

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  1. Han Held

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    I have no idea where to draw the line on a lot of stuff -for instance I don't think that the image of the woman bowling a loli is illegal per se -but that doesn't mean I think it's worth fighting for to post lolicon (even jokey lolicon). I think it probably should be disallowed since it's NSFW and contentious (and should be specifcially included, ie "no depictions of minors in ways that could be construed as sexual by most reasonable people, including but not limited to phsyical, 3d rendered or drawn/lolicon"). This is a chat board -I think that's fair.

    But what's trollling? What's acceptable trolling? I troll sometimes, but in a cutesy/jokey way -I'd be annoyed if I got in trouble over one of my "[/coolface]" type comments.

    I don't think we should allow someone to just come over and knowingly press people's buttons for the sake of disrailing the board -I've seen that happen on other boards and allowing that is a good way to throw the money you've spent on a board down the drain.

    I don't know where to draw the line, I'm simply not that smart.

    Harassment is a little clearer, but only in the extreme. If someone is making alternate accounts to harass one person (again, something else that I've seen) that's clearly over the line, but what's the difference between vocally holding a grudge and harassment? Or do we simply allow neither (legitimate question)?

    Avatars and bad taste? I don't know -I thought that the harassment angle (for most of us) was diffused with the sig harassment meme -but what do I know?

    I really think that any rules regarding expression should be as lenient as possible, but without allowing for spam, illegality [what's that?] or harassment. IE -if you don't fuck w/ anyone else, do as thou will.

    I can't think of any, ANY case where RL disclosure should be appropriate. This is what I feel the strongest about, myself. I think that by exposing another member's real life location, name, gender, age, sexuality, vocation, disability, political or religious orientation against their wishes should result in a total and complete [IP, MAC address -subnet?] ban for the revealer. This does not include IP [ie alt-spotting] and I don't know wether or not it should include email address.

    So far this has been an adult community, and I'd appreciate if we could keep it that way. Some factors in that are too fluid to dictate, tho -for instance what if a slew of 18 year olds mysteriously join from 4chan? That would change the maturity level and the flavor of the board but I don't see any real way to prevent that.

    I don't see any reason at all that shock images should be allowed, tho I wouldn't complain if someone used one that is meme-level appropriately (eg, the Goatse Pancake Bunny Dance [NSFW]) but i really, REALLY do not think that I want to run the risk of seeing torturecat or the pain series. I think this is something that should be disallowed, with exceptions for clearly used memes (I don't think using memegenerator should be allowed as a defense -goatse has tribute pages up for it -or had in 2006, that's objective, but anyone can add to memegenerator and other such sites).

    Now i've rambled, but those are my thoughts -many of them probably a rehash of what other people have already said (which is why I didn't want to say anything), but they're mine, so..
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  2. Y'all may notice that I'm not in the fight to allow lolicon. Simple reasons; if it's not banned, I'll do it. But, if there's a rule, I'll follow it. Notice how much I "changed" once SC established some rules? (^_^)
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  3. Han Held

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    That incident [loli bowling] was on my mind when I said lolicon is more divisive than it's worth...
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