Cool VL Viewer 1.26.0 with 2.x code

Discussion in 'theGrid' started by Ajax Manatiso, 17 May 2011.

  1. Ajax Manatiso

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    Henri Beauchamp has posted a link for download for his experiemental 1.26.0 viewer which contains 2.x code. It IS experimental and should be considered a beta. For testing right now and should not be your default viewer for Linden exchanges.

    Has some cool things in it like radar with display names, built-in speed rezzing, RLV support, temp texture uploads, a de-Ruthing function, parcel encroachment support (I need that one), an anti-duckwalk patch, a building align tool, and more.

    Henri has invited the work of several others in making this version including Nicholaz Beresford of the Nicholaz viewer, Qarl Linden, Shyotl Kuhr, Siana Gearz of the Singularity viewer, Thickbrick Sleaford, Jonathan Yap and a number of others.

    Its clear Henri intends to make this viewer, when completed, the obvious viewer of choice. Its not completed yet -- in an experimental stage -- but too good not to beta test.

    Look for it in the downloads section of Henri's Cool VL Viewer website:
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  2. Lias

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    This will help me effectively teach SL to noobs again. I hope he is going to provide as much support as he has time for. And I hope he can mod it to support mesh.

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