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    gotVirtual has completed the integration of xf core 1.3.4.
    this is the first major update to gV since 2011, and included both hardware and software updates.
    many changes and new features are now available on gV:
    • post edit history and logging
    • a new input editor
    • responsive design (aka a mobile theme)
    • node 'watching'
    • google/twitter auth login
    • more 'like' functions
    • admin/moderation features behind the scenes
    • smaller features we have forgotten are new

    post edit history and logging
    it is now possible to not only require 'post last edited by' to be appended to edited posts, but a diff log (a la wikipedia) will be preserved of all edits (although unlikely to be publically visible).

    a new input editor
    tinyMCE and its annoying behaviour (pasting colour formatted text for example) is now a relic of the past.
    the new editor (Redactor) is leaps and bounds better to work with both from a development standpoint and an enduser standpoint. some of the advantages of this new editor you may be interested in:
    • it is 'responsive', meaning it conforms to mobile devices.
    • if you use Chrome or Firefox and have an image in your clipboard, you can simply paste it into the editor.
    • provided your browser supports it, you can now drag files into the editor to upload them.
    • user tagging, meaning you can use twitter-style syntax to tag (and alert) users in a post, eg @Mars
    • cleaner interface, including smilies and a new spoiler tag.
    • a proper multiquote feature at last. as you read through a thread, click '+Quote' on each post you want to reply to. once at the editor, click 'insert quotes' below the editor to insert them into your post.
    • when you're writing a reply to a thread, we will check to see if any new messages have been posted in the interim and display a note if there has been. you can then display those new posts without reloading the page.
    • while you are typing a message, every X seconds (currently 60), a draft of your message will be saved. if you reload the page later, your message will be automatically re-shown. drafts will be automatically pruned over time. each draft is associated with a particular piece of content, such as a thread, forum, or conversations. a draft reply that you start working on in thread 1 will not be shown to thread 2, and so forth.
    responsive design (aka a mobile theme)
    for the entirety of our existence, we have dreamed of a mobile style for gV. with the launch of core 1.3.4 we got something even better: a fully responsive style. in short, what this means is that the normal style is redrawn using html5/css wizardry depending upon the browser resolution. to easily see it in action, resize your browser now and watch how the website rearranges itself. this allows gV to alter itself to suit mobile devices while not requiring a separate low-feature style.

    node 'watching'
    you can now elect to receive notifications associated with a particular node. this is particularly useful if you want to watch something like an admin node for announcements or some node that holds particular interest for you. you can be alerted to only new threads, or for each and every post. the notifications can be simple alerts, emails, or both.

    google/twitter auth login
    now users can take advantage of the convenience of not only facebook auth, but twitter (and soon to be google) auth. new users can sign in with those credentials, and existing members can associate their existing accounts with them.

    more 'like' functions
    after a long time spent talking about it, more alternatives to 'like' are now available. these tie into something akin to a reputation/karma score, with most being positive or neutral weighting, while two are currently negative. more of these can be added relatively easily (looking at a 'poop' rating at the moment...)
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