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    the following very rare crafting materials can be found in these associated missions

    argonite gas: undine assault, vicious cycle
    craylon: defera hards, mine trap, nukara ground hards, RH'lhho station (all currently bugged)
    dentarium: undine infiltration (elite)
    plekton: cge, ige, kage
    radiogentic particle: crystaline catastrophe (elite)
    trellium-k: breech (elite), storming the spire (elite), cse, hse, ise, kase

    this is a useful chart
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    Is this information still up-to-date? And can you please decrypt the acronym encryption schema?:confused: :waah::giggle:

    Or ELSE, i will simply add it to the next batch of rapid fire 20 or so questions I ask you while in the game :nerd:, also known as brain picking.
  3. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    as far as i know, yes its generally up to date.
    cge, kage, and ige refer to elite stfs that are no longer elite. they are now 'advanced'. so cga, kaga, iga: cure ground advanced, khitomer ground advanced, and infected ground advanced.
    csa, kasa, isa: cure space advanced, khitomer space advanced, and infected space advanced.
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