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Discussion in 'the academy' started by DeathDealerGod, 1 Oct 2014.

  1. DeathDealerGod

    DeathDealerGod New Arrival

    hey all some of u may have seen me in game im making mk2 turrets via the crafting system and upgrading them pm me if you want 1 for fleeties ill do it for just the upgrade kits it takes about 12 I currently have accx2 thrust/snare accx2 rapid and accx2 pvp res on hand
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  2. Lax

    Lax Inhabitant

    Ok so upgrading a mk 2 turret makes it automatically mk 13?

    Still bit confused about the core mechanics of upgrading. So you use correct tech kit and maybe accelerator and when the item upgrade meter goes full, you might get better mods and tier increase?
  3. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    i dont think you can jump straight from 2 to 13, but i think thats the general idea. try to get the right mods and rarity early on then upgrade to level.
  4. DeathDealerGod

    DeathDealerGod New Arrival

    ninas right it takes about 12 upgrade kits to go from mk2-mk13 will be about 21 kits for mk2-14

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