Delta Rising captain specializations

Discussion in 'the barracks' started by Lax, 24 Sep 2014.

  1. Lax

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    This was just posted on official forums:

    After reading the introduction it let me with some confusion about whats all this about.

    As explained by Bort in later replies to clarify, this is how i understood it:
    -you can re-select your primary/secondary skills much like traits now
    -all skill points spend on leveling those skills are permanent <- although they are permanent, it was said that you can max out all skills by gaining more skill points, thus only thing you might lose by selecting "wrong" stuff is time it takes to get more skill points to level another skill.
    -when they release new primary/secondary trees, available skill point cap increases also so you can get skill points instead of dilithium if maxed on points.

    Not really sure if it clarified anything really lol, maybe revisit this after coffee.
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  2. nina

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    delta rising seems overly convoluted full stop. im not sure how a casual player is going to get their head around all of this.
    it is looking like you can accumulate up to 60 of these specialisations!
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