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    jolan tru, Beautifuls.
    its never a better time to be KDF than during the dilithium bonus event!

    the dilithium bonus event has begun. during this event most activities award +50% dilithium, while others award double dilithium.
    here are a few ideas for earning dil and a few things worth noting:

    1. reputation turn ins are no longer eligible for the dilithium bonus. this includes all rep mark to dil conversions, neural processor/cybernetic implant/ancient power cell/isomorphic injection conversions, and the final t5 rep project.
    as a result of a bungled blog post stating otherwise, cryptic are extending the dil event to run til the 12th.

    2. the daily dilithium mining minigames are awarding double dilithium during the event. there are three of these dailies available at the fleet mine for a total of 5,000 dil per day. there is also a fourth that awards roughly 2,000 available at the vlugta mine (in beta ursae). if you have 'rich dilithium claims' from opening lockboxes, you can turn one in each day at vlugta for a further 10,000 dil. veteran refine?

    3. you can turn in 5 contraband at any kdf security officer every 4 hours for 3,000 dil. the tooltip says 2,000 but you will get the bonus anyway. you can find security officers at ds9, ganalda, the tactical level of the starbase, and elsewhere.

    4. dino-tagging in the dyson ground battlezone can earn 5400 dil per run if you know what youre doing.

    5. lt. commander k'vex offers the pi canis 'path of the warrior' patrols. pick up the three missions (one is only a wrapper, two are sorties), then head out on the patrols. each sortie earns 1,440 dilithium, while the wrapper awards a further 3,660 if you have completed all the optionals. if you fail an optional warp out and start the mission again!

    6. lt. commander mara has 4 'empire defence' patrols: borg, cardassians, federation, and romulan. each of these award 2,160 dilithium. if you havent completed the tutorial version, you will need to run those first, earning 720 dilithium for each.

    7. run the 4 defera [hard] daily missions for a total of 2,880 dil (and a heap of omega marks).

    8. pick up all of lt. b'etas side missions. they award dil for doing things you are going to be doing anyway, like killing enemies in space/on ground, killing turrets, and so on.

    9. take the mission 'investigate officer reports' and then run a featured foundry mission for another 1,440 dil.

    10. doffing. they may look like small bits of dil, but when you regularly keep the doff projects active it really adds up fast!

    if you have any questions, comments, or further advice, let us know in Beautiful chat or post a reply.


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