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Discussion in 'the academy' started by Briana, 16 Jul 2015.

  1. Briana

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    What does it matter the assignments?:confused:

    I just learned this week of "special doff assignments" per MAP, and last week i learned about doff assignments that use special commodities or whatever. I never saw them since i have it tell me only assignments i meet the requirements for.

    So what does it matter? What do "special" assignments from a nandi or cell ship(?) what have you do? Can I not level all the ranks in each category without those special assignments?:oO:
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  2. Lax

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    Special assignments that are only available on certain bridges usually only give certain bonus prizes. The suliban cell ship Tau Dewa Aid -missions give free suliban doffs. Unobtainable by other means. Plenty for sale on exchange though and some really nice ones, like the one that boosts aux to intertial dampeners or the one that boosts reverse shield polarity duration. Not sure what the ferengi ship trader gives other than lots of trade missions. Usually the rare commodities are used on department head -missions to create special consumables like dosi rotgut, ablative jevonite hardpoints and other items too. My favorite are baked tribbles and tribble kebab.

    There are some special assignments that can be done only once, usually rewarding a unique doff like that el-aurian bartender. There are also these special assignment chains that only appear on certain sectors, like the Jem'hadar -missions. First mission for them is usually only available on alpha quadrant.

    Regarding the doff commendation experience levels, special assignments have no interaction to those apart that they contribute to the exp levels.

    About the different map assignments, the sector revamp really made it different where the available missions pop. Usually i fly sector space with the current map -assignments open and when they change, set the ship to a stop. Usually there is a small 'sweet spot' where are very different missions that change again when you fly forward a bit.
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  3. Briana

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    Thanks, Lax! I hope you grabbed enough Tribbles before the servers went down!
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