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    the Festival of Blood and Fire is almost upon us!
    in case you arent already aware, members of the KDF have been planning a social in-game meetup to promote our glorious faction. the intent is to facilitate a bit of faction networking and to entice feds to give their kdf alt a fair go.

    basically what will happen is we will all meet up at various locations on the 14th. we can then split into teams and run level-appropriate missions and queues together. fancy running 20-man starbase defence? minetrap? want all your stf optionals to unlock the honour guard hoss/omega harvester costumes? this may be our only opportunity to see that happen.

    (show this event in your own timezone)

    please help us out by boosting our numbers. we need kdf of all levels to participate, and also need a few volunteers to help coordinate queues and mission teaming and the like.

    for more information please visit bloodwine.org, scroll to the bottom of the screen, and click the event link.
    im counting on you guys to ensure the House of Beautiful makes a strong showing!


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