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    • rank 1: New Person
      upon entry into the fleet, all characters level 50 or higher are held in this rank until they accumulate the requisite number of overall contributions (currently 75,000 fleet credits).
      note that this is calculated per toon, not per account.
      has limited access to the bank.
      is immune to 'contribution blackouts'.
    • rank 2: Initiate
      initiate members are the first rank with full fleet store access. all toons lower than level 50 start in this rank. a character will generally be held in this rank until they show 125,000 fleet credit on the leaderboard, although they are eligible for promotion to rank 4 if they so desire. be aware though that a promotion to rank 4 comes at the cost of blackout immunity, so generation of fleet credit could become an issue. an initiate can also be a person temporarily invited to the fleet for the purpose of obtaining a fleet-ship or some other fleet-grade item.
      has limited access to the bank.
      is immune to 'contribution blackouts'.
    • rank 3: Inviter
      members tasked with sharing kdf holdings with the general public, and officers from partner fleets may be found here. this enables them to temp-invite warriors to beautiful so that they may procure some fleet item.
    • rank 4: Beautiful
      a member in the fleet achieves this rank by earning 75,000 fleet credit in this fleet, or in a partner fleet.
      this unlocks the starbase store. this also unlocks the ability to invite non fleet-members to our store (using their own fleets provisions).
      as this is the 'rank-and-file' grade, most people will never feel a need to move further up the rankings. the most useful of permissions are unlocked.
    • rank 5: Beautiful Guard
      all members of the former rank 'top gun' were moved here at some point, so many of the members are/were HoBO pvp'ers.
      (lets be honest. most of the fleet rankings beyond here are more or less measures of influence, thats the brutal reality, and that is pretty much how every fleet works. —whether they admit it or not.)
      rank 5 is also used to denote people of noteworthy achievement (such as fleet credit earnt or fleet bank donations), or being a visible participant (teaming for marks/stf/pvp/etc, promoting the fleet, recruiting active members). some people pushed all-in and were very public with their confidence in a hobo-free future for hobr, some even sacrificed high rank and influence in hobo as a result. many of those people are found within this rank.
    • rank 6: Beautiful Command
      frequently referred to as 'leaders', some of my ousted hobo co-leaders are in this rank. there are also people here that in one way or another were instrumental in plotting this course for House of Beautiful.
      may promote lower ranks to rank 5.
    • rank 7: Caretaker
      my function in this fleet is to hear the will of the members, plan, organise, and put things into action. i will represent the fleet on the sto forum. i will ensure that projects get into cd. i will make sure that bad things do not happen to this fleet, no matter where it leads me.
      i prevent leadership coups.

    in addition to the rank permissions detailed above, higher ranks also enjoy better access to the fleet bank.
    for further details and to view the 'lesser' permissions (such as 'can create event' and the like), open the fleet window and select the settings tab.
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