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  1. Briana

    Briana Vibrating erver closer to 4th Density

    Nina's FAVORITE boy band's song "mmmmBOP" i think should be nominated to replace Aussies National Anthem.

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  2. Briana

    Briana Vibrating erver closer to 4th Density


    When you are old an 85, sitting at some table taking 12 different pills for everything under the sign..

    Your lil SmartPad is going to beep, and it's going to be THIS VIDEO FROM ME.

    Probably sent from beyond the grave via some service.

    mmmmBopin you to the grave.:lmao::love2: and beyond..:nerd::D
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  3. Kita

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    I had a friend of a friend who was really into Hansen in middle school. Even then I thought they were unbearably awful. She stuck with them until Freshman year of High School. Her Hansen school paraphernalia disappeared really fucking fast. How embarrassing...

    I haven't always had good taste in music, but I at least have always had taste...

    Come to think of it, the other friend was really into Brittney Spears. She still is, in fact... That is one loyal fan. I found her only slightly more bearable, probably because she came with an entourage of professional musicians and writers who knew exactly what kind of crap they were writing and playing. That isn't saying much, however. It just means I didn't feel a compulsion to leave a room in disgust when it came on, and instead tolerated it until it was over.

    I tried to find my own 'pop band' to love as much as my friends, and that experiment probably lasted about a year before I gave up and turned the oldies stations back on. Old pop was better :p

    Kids always asked who MY favorite band was, and I never have had a favorite. I have always listened to a wide variety of stuff. For convenience sake, since that was a VERY common question as a kid and I would get pressed for an answer beyond "I like lots of stuff", I defaulted to my very first love; Queen. :D This was the mid to late 90's, by the way. Freddy died right when I started to distinguish between artists and realized Queen was my favorite. So, needless to say, that answer was met with confusion by kids and much amusement by adults. And I ALWAYS made people change the station when Ice, Ice Baby came on... UGH. :p

    I also went through a brief Gangster Rap phase in middle school. I still like a lot of the OG stuff up to around 2000, but can't stand much else. No, I never wigger'd out... but because rapping doesn't require a talent for any voice control (singing) and instead relies on things I knew I was already good at-- articulation, well spoken, and possessing solid verbal cadence abilities, I DID find I was quite good at it. That amused people. No one ever seemed to be sure whether they should be amused or impressed. Stunned silence. I got that a lot for many different things. Still do, actually. I also recite poetry well, even though I can't write it to save my life. Last time I did that was at an open slam poetry event in college. I wanted to read one of my favorites, an old thing from the 1600's or so that I performed for Speech and Debate events in High School. I won awards for it. The language is slightly bit ye olde, but the theme was awesome and appropriate. I was told by my nervous friends not to, even though he read one of his own pieces that got polite applause and wasn't slam poetry either. I did anyways, from memory and without practice. I received rousing applause, standing ovation by a few folks, and invites to attend another event with pieces of my own. It was the ending that did it. I saw the audience light up as the lovely, perfectly pleasant olde language setup and tension turns to sudden shocking slaughter and blood. It was brilliant, gets them every time. People always remember the ending. The beginning is more interesting when you reread it, then you realize how freaking sad the piece it, and why I recite it the way I do. If you keep it at an even cadence, you miss the climax and it lacks the impact of the horrific events that just unfolded, making for a very boring period piece. Stunned silence from my friends, by the way. Suck it. ;)

    I obviously have always had very different taste than my friends... :p

    Oh, and I have always been weird, in case my previous little stories about my life haven't made that perfectly clear already ;)
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