gV tips & hints #2 - 'status messages' and 'profile comments'

Discussion in 'gV engineering' started by Mars, 24 Nov 2010.

  1. Mars

    Mars MCP

    at first glance it may appear that status messages and profile comments are interchangeable terms. after all, the same interface is used for both, and there is not a special button or selector to choose between the two.
    in a sense that could be correct; at least until one were to recognise that the 'selector' is behavioural.

    here are a few rules of implementation to bear in mind:

    1. any comment you leave on your own profile is a status message, and will appear in activity streams, such as the front page status widget, the recent activity stream, and the news feeds of those that follow you.
    ...unless it is a follow up comment to an existing message, in which case it is a profile comment.
    if somebody comments on your profile and you want to reply, comment their message rather than updating your status message.

    2. any comment you leave on anothers profile is a profile comment.
    if you are responding to a status message post a follow up comment.
    remember, profile comments and status messages are threaded.

    let us examine some pictures:

    we have visited the profile of our friend. we are faced with two choices:
    a. post a profile comment just to say 'hi'
    b. reply to something posted on their profile
    we are wanting to say something about his status message, so we click the 'comment' link (#2)


    this opens an input field, where we type our comment to them:

    preparing to type a message


    (continued next post)
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  2. Mars

    Mars MCP

    in this next scenario, we are at our own profile.
    the same rules apply; if we want to follow up on a comment, we will click the 'comment' link. if we want to update our status, we will enter out message into the text input:


    your status updates will appear in multiple streams:

    status03_frontPage.png stauts04_activityStream.png

    if you realise you have made a mistake, remember that you can edit/delete your own messages as applicable.

    we hope you have found this helpful.
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  3. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    its worth noting at this point that this confusion is largely history; ppl can no longer enter status updates from their member profile.

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