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    Mars MCP

    it has been determined that the mcp will not be making any further attempts at fostering community governance. this should not result in any drastic changes; most things will remain as they are. but there are a few things worth noting:

    • the community standards and the inhabitant rights are still in effect. any changes to either will be at the discretion of the mcp, although community input may be taken on board.
    • currently there are four active modules: mars, phobos, deimos, and earth. any further module activations will be the sole authority of the mcp.
    • the only function of the modules is to uphold the community standards. they will no longer act as conduits to the mcp, nor promote community governance.
    • the governance node has been marked read-only and will be moved to an archive
    we would also like to point out that the number of reported threads is completely out of hand. there are entirely too many frivolous reports being filed for things such as 'trolling' and 'personal attacks' in area17. if an inhabitant doesnt like trolling or personal attacks please do not participate in area17. continued reports of this nature will lead to that inhabitants reporting ability being revoked.
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