Fleetmail HoB Mail - July 16, 2015

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    qapla', beautifuls.

    in an effort to reduce the roster to active members, we are undertaking our third ever 'inactives purge'. we will be targeting inactive toons that meet BOTH the following criteria:

    1. inactive for a period of 2 months or longer
    2. less than 75,000 fleet credit on the leaderboard

    purged members still retain all their fleet credits, and their fleet credit contribution total remains on the leaderboard. any rank held (grandfathered or otherwise) is forfeited.
    if you find yourself affected by this purge, feel free to request a reinvite. be aware that if you rejoin after a purge your rank will be entirely dependant upon the leaderboard.

    we will be moving any unaffected toons from 'new person' and 'initiate' ranks directly to Beautiful rank as we prepare for the launch of the armada system coming in this upcoming maintenence patch.

    this is also your last opportunity to share your thoughts and opinions regarding any armada protocol before the system goes live: HouseofBeautiful.org


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