How Well Does Bribery Work?

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    Anything in healthcare right now is job security. No matter what happens with the landscape, the healthcare industry is a growing for-profit monolith that shows little signs of stopping.

    The stop short for me is that I cannot condone nor can I contribute to the disgusting profit mongering that's happening at the expense of people's health. It just doesn't sit well with me, and as Bunnie is sure to confirm, I pass over and/or walk away from many contracts that run contrary to my personal ideals.

    That has perks, and it has drawbacks. I spend a considerable amount of time defending my ideals, and occasionally I get broadsided by one of those, "I know so and so and he said you're an Obama lover so I can't have you working for me". Or whatever their bullshit issue is. I don't break the laws, and I won't skirt the audits just to shave corners and appease simpletons who don't grasp the concept of network security. That's what I spend my entire life living and breathing, I don't come to their jobs and slap the spatula out of their hands, so fuck off, right?

    I generally make this clear in a way that doesn't seem standoffish, but makes the point that we're here to get a job done and no one goes home till it's done right. Just to be sure there's always contractual language that says, paraphrased, "if you're too stupid to listen to my advice and do your own thing then it's on you bitch". All clients get a detailed report of my analysis and my suggested solutions for issues raised during the audit(s).

    I also don't listen or participate in Linux vs Windows discussions/debates. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and both have their place in the infrastructure. Besides, those conversations are pointless and usually none of the participants really has a clue what they are talking about, so it boils down to ease of use vs your OS is an error riddled virus sandbox or something along those lines.

    What were we talking about? I forgot. Anyway, do what makes you happy and fuck everyone else. :D
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    Kita Should Update Title

    Emailed the gal who had set up the interview. She got back to me, even though the interviewers didn't. She said they are still interviewing, but would get back to me....

    *fingers crossed*

    ....*and toes too*
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    Kita Should Update Title

    Oh, I also had a good networking night! Got some good contacts, one working for a local big-deal defense contractor! I had applied to them a number of times after hearing good things, but never got past the front gate. The guy I networked with told me to try again, and contact him so he can let me in the back way if I don't get through... I also name dropped him on the employee referral, so I hope that is enough to get me through.

    Defense contractor is job security like no one's business, and even though it isn't casual and laid back like this other company, would still fit in perfectly with "Kita's Big Plans" (TM)

    Oooooo just got a text. I now have a referral to the guy in charge at the school where I took my classes. He is surprised I am not working yet, and asked for my resume to send to the owners of the soon-to-be biggest data center in the world. I hope it comes with a letter of recommendation, because he knows how quickly I got through the same material most others struggled with. On top of that, I am SO awesome I am voluntarily tutoring a classmate and am successfully moving HER through the material everyone else is struggling with.

    /personal cheerleader :cheergirl:

    Good karma is supposed to pay off, right? :)

    aaaannnndd possibly another contact with the big-deal defense contractor too, coming from a lifer military IT guy who is getting into high-level security.

    Hope the coming weeks will turn things around, and not be another disappointment. Home life is about to get even crappier, cause it obviously just wasn't stressful enough and I hadn't already gained enough stress weight. ;_;
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