I saw a suicide and it was so sad

Discussion in 'onTopic' started by Briana, 23 Nov 2010.

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    No, however i did have a Seinfeld moment once.

    My mom was catering this family reunion and they wanted "Chitterlings", so for some reason she borrowed my car when she did all her shopping and stuff.

    Later that night I went out to eat at like Kate Mantilini's and valet parked - put the roof on my Rx-7 up before i valeted. And when we got it back, we got in the car, and there was this god-awful smelll like the valet had totally farted up my car before he got out. I was so pissed off and grossed out, so down went the windows, home we went, next day I get in the car - the smell is still there. I tell my mom my car is screwed with some fucked up smell and I am going to sue the valet company at Kate's, and she tells me: a container of chitterlings fell over in the back of the car and opened.

    Car reeked until i had it detailed and the hatch back shampooed.
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    Well you can't obviously but you can punish the ones you can prove and then use it as a deterent. I don't like that, just how you could do it.

    I think it better to just teach ethics in med school
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    When I had trained for my WFR I was told if you stop you have to deal with the situation but it was up to you to stop.

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