if anyone cannot post new threads...

Discussion in 'news' started by Mars, 10 Mar 2011.

  1. Mars

    Mars MCP

    please make a note of it in this thread and specify whether you have associated your account with facebook or not.
    if anyone isnt sure whether they can post a thread, feel free to start a new thread titled 'test' in the governance node. we will later delete all test threads from the node.
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  2. Bunnie

    Bunnie Everybody loves the sunshine.

    Works fine for me. No on facebook association.
  3. Stephie

    Stephie Should Update Title

    I have no "new thread" button nor a facebook account. :D

    The button appears there (and works).
  4. colleen Criss

    colleen Criss Your life will never be the same again.

    Works for me , no FB. I don't use it.
  5. tout

    tout It is swimming time!!

    No face de bouc either
  6. GradyE

    GradyE Hybrid Angel

    GradyE is Facebook negative.
  7. Kick Frenzy

    Kick Frenzy HUZZAH!

    I was able to post a Test thread in Governance.

    I did not associate myself with a Facebook account.
  8. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    no new post button where?
    you can post threads in some forums and not others?

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