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    a quick listing of some of the things that new members may find most useful:
    • store access is unlocked by posting 75,000 fleet credit on the roster (select 'overall contribution' to view yours).
    • you can see a list of fleet grades and their prerequisites here.
    • promotions and fleet credit calculations are made per-toon, not account wide.
    • most fleet members can 'base-invite' friends to the Beautiful fleet store.
    • store access is not revoked, limited, policed, etc. we keep the store well provisioned.
    • there is not a normal 'fleet chat' channel. we use a global public chat channel, 'House of Beautiful'. to join, in your chat type: /channel_join House of Beautiful
      see this page for more information about chat and our global channel.
    • while teamspeak is available, use of teamspeak, ventrillo, etc is not required.
    • forum participation is not required, although registration is suggested.
    • beware of invites sent by hostile fleet leaders. House of Beautiful does not have a 'main fleet' or 'mother fleet'. we are not closing down. we are not shuffling members. if you are ever told something like this, you are being poached.
    • House of Beautiful has forged many alliances within sto, and have no 'enemy fleets' or the like.
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