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Discussion in 'gV engineering' started by Lias, 5 Sep 2011.

  1. Lias

    Lias Open Community!

    All of that really does not stop you from completing the infraction system you took time to develop and include the appeal process and a gateway to contact the admin that applied the sanction.

    If you have completely abandoned any concept of community governance then there is really no reason for anyone to have to publicly discuss their private account with admins in a thread on the forum.

    even speeding tickets are handed out using a black and white process that includes an appeal process and a way to contact the official that handed out the ticket.

    Linden Lab tried it without an appeal process for years but finally put one n place. Many times the nden involved saw ht the were not really seeing the situation for what it was t first glance. Emotions at the moment play a large role in such decisions.

    I just do not agree that providing the link to the Area17 for a new resident to take their off-topic questions to is cause for an infraction. Many have asked the same thing of other posters with no negative results from any administrator.
  2. Lias

    Lias Open Community!

    Since Community Governance has been completely abandoned, these suggestions are only addressed to Mars and Earth.

    As far as creating an appeal process, using a google form that goes to could be effective. Give each infraction an unique reference number that has to be included in the appeal form. A few 'fields' to help the community member explain the issue and an area for a paragraph explaining why they feel the appeal should be lifted.

    Send out a copy of the info and an e-mail confirmation to the community member and promise a ten day turn-around.

    The appeals have to be based on a few things so they can be fairly determined.
  3. McLovin

    McLovin Should Update Title

    I think this makes sense if you charge a $10 appeal fee.

    Anyone who takes a forum that is provided 100% free (with no advertising even) seriously enough to want something like this in place should be happy to pay the fee.

    I can't decide if the appeal fee would guarantee reinstatement, but there is a calibre of poster that would pay it.
  4. Lias

    Lias Open Community!

    Hey Nina, I started this thread here as you suggested to get some clarification of the sanction appeal process and to dispute the claim that asking someone to move their complaints out of the New Member Alert thread is a violation of forum rules.

    I hope that you or Earth start this dialogue soon. Thanks.
  5. Clancy

    Clancy The drama is better at Hungry Jack's

    It's all been discussed and clarified before, ad infinitum. Find the relevant threads by searching your own content; you participated in all of them. This new thread you have begun amounts to harassment of the admin and other members of this forum.
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  6. New Me

    New Me Envoy's research assistant...

    Where do I go to get one of these "infractions" everyone is talking about?
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  7. Lias

    Lias Open Community!

    Although I am not at all concerned about what you say regarding this subject, I will clarify:

    • There is a written infraction process but there is no written appeal process for infraction.
    • The impromptu public appeal process used to free Pep was specifically for suspensions and can no longer be used since it has been stated that community governance methods have been abandoned.
    • And what was done for Pep was never written down and added to the Help area anyway.
  8. McLovin

    McLovin Should Update Title

    There is no appeal process according to the forum owner. It's a 100% free site for which you don't have to pay even a tax to use (like driving a car, to invalidate the speeding ticket analogy. There's a level of accommodation needed by everyone in a forum and I humbly suggest you may be squarely in that territory.
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  9. What'd I miss? (o.o)
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  10. Cato Badger

    Cato Badger Infractor

    Nothing much but welcome back.
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  11. ev0L

    ev0L Ghost in The Shell

    Its a random lottery thing. You just need to find a thread where someone else is infracting and make an on topic post. The algorithm used for the draw is based on fuzzy logic on the quantum level where the laws of physics differ.
  12. Caity

    Caity Should Update Title

    Oh it's easy. Just post something NSFW/drama in this 'SFW no drama thread' and/or accuse someone else for doing so. An infraction will be delivered asap.
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  13. Earth

    Earth Interface Unit

    this is a no drama zone. all off-topic posts have been relocated to /dev/null.
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  14. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    Not quite all, it seems.
  15. Earth

    Earth Interface Unit

    community governance was abandoned here, gV update - 22.apr.11, prior to the ban appeal resolution.
    it clearly states:

    there is already a 'contact us' link in the lower right of the page.
    that is not as helpful as one may think. it increases the level of drama more often than not. it would be far easier to deal with most matters if petrol wasnt poured on a developing drama.
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  16. Cato Badger

    Cato Badger Infractor

    Thank you for confirming what most of us knew.
  17. Lias

    Lias Open Community!

    Since there is an ban appeal process, there should be an infraction appeal process also. If moderators know they can hand out infractions without any accountability, there may be abuses of that power. Checks and balances keep the process fair.

    It would not be any real trouble to make this clearer to people seeking help for infractions.

    But it is not an infraction to ask someone to move their off-topic discussions to the appropriate area. Over the months, people have asked that in several threads without being punished for it. Why is it just now considered an infraction?
  18. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    everything about the administration has, since day zero, discouraged back-channel negotiations and dealings. to the degree that planet are forbidden to use a non-public venue. the planets are all anon, and tried to remain 100% anon since the beginning. planets cannot be messaged, and can message only one another. i keep my conversations turned off and any email/in-world discussion pretty safe. everything indicates that appeals are supposed to be done publicly. it is an appeal to the community, hoping for them to take up your cause. it is not an appeal to mars.

    two things that are problematic and infraction-worthy are these things happening in the no-drama zones: telling another they have been reported (escalating drama) and forum-policing (escalating drama).
    no-drama means no drama. one doesnt need to be swearing or name-calling to incite drama. ive been very good at it at times.

    the planets were chosen from the gV community, with diligent efforts being made to ensure that various 'factions' were represented. if at any time one of them is truly going rouge, there is nothing to prevent one from being ousted. if half the people are saying some particular planet is 'corrupt', that would be cause for alarm.
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  19. Lias

    Lias Open Community!

    I don't categorize discussing ones account as back-channel dealings.

    But if that is the case, then a Governance thread for infraction appeals will suffice. Since community governance has been scrapped, then only the replies of the admins will mean anything in a thread like that. But people can watch the proceedings.

    I don't think anonymous and incommunicado are the same thing.

    This is not clear to me. You say community governance is scrapped and then you want to use community governance in an infraction appeal process. And even that infraction appeal process is not documented anywhere.

    And really, what would an appeal to the other posters about my infraction solve? All you would get was more of what you got in this thread - bickering and name-calling.

    That is what Cato did. I did not do anything of those things.

    "will you please move this to the Saloon thread" is not policing (because the Saloon thread is just something another poster started and not apart of any policy here). And several times since the forum started people have asked people to post in another thread. That has never been an infraction-worthy request. And, in my opinion, it is not now.

    I think my 5 point infraction should be lifted because I caused no drama whatsoever. I just asked someone nicely to post in the NSFW area. And hours before the infractions were given out - the conversations were moved to the Saloon thread. I purposely took the quotes from the SFW threads and pasted them in a reply in the NSFW area before responding.
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  20. ev0L

    ev0L Ghost in The Shell

    I have to agree with Lias, she really did not deserve an infraction.
    Referring to what she said as forum-policing is dubious considering the fact the mods are not putting their foot down to curb the offences that are committed all over the forum all day by the same individuals. It leaves the impression that the rules are being modified depending on who is committing the offence.
    The active user base of the forum has stagnated and I feel this is one of the reasons.

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