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are you satisfied with this verdict?

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  1. Mars

    Mars MCP

    the appeal for inhabitant 129 is now concluded.
    the appeal thread has been marked read-only.

    the inhabitants permanent ban has been commuted to a one week ban. by logging in, the inhabitant will agree to the following:
    1. their username will be reverted to 'pep', without a reboot of the cooling down process
    2. they will carry a 10 point infraction penalty for 120 days
    3. inhabitant will cease with any attempts to negotiate behaviour with the mcp
    this appeal is the final verdict. there will be no further appeals of this ruling.

    please allow this to serve as a reminder: the antivirus modules function outside the realm of infractions and warnings. this is how it has been since day 0, and this is how it will remain in the future.
    if an inhabitant finds themselves being followed by one of the antivirus modules, it is suggested they take stock of their behaviour and take the steps necessary to appear less virus-like.

    edited to add: yes, we have taken note of this read-only poll, which does appear to be a bug.
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