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Discussion in 'news' started by Mars, 1 Jun 2011.

  1. Mars

    Mars MCP

    a new usergroup has been made available.
    this usergroup unlocks the ability to create albums and upload images to them.
    the community standards will be updated to reflect the rules governing albums; no porn, no gore, no tgp submission and the like. images will not be hotlink-protected, so they may be linked to on other websites and such.


    inhabitant III- members must accrue 159 trophy points to enter this usergroup.
    inhabitant III may:
    • initiate conversation with up to 10 recipients per conversation
    • create albums, and upload images to their user albums
    please report any album bugs to the engineering node.
    this thread may be used to discuss policy if desired.
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  2. Bulldick!

    Bulldick! Rampaging

    Just for consistency, the awards page shows the following text for the new achievement:

    You may want to check the correct number, not that it matters much, but hey.

  3. Caity

    Caity Should Update Title

    I got an alert that said this:

    Inhabitant III

    You may invite up to 10 people to a private conversation. You may upload images to your user album.
    Sooooooo.....I just made my own album in here, yay!
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  4. Love

    Love Feel the love

    159 trophy points? Wow, I just squeezed in. That's a lot of posting!
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  5. LeeHere Absent

    LeeHere Absent Just Lee

    Me too! :goofy: Thanks, Mars.
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  6. ev0L

    ev0L Ghost in The Shell

    WOW !! up to 10 people can all a be back channel'n in unison now... ya'll must be tickled pink !!
  7. Wad

    Wad Drama is Fascinating

    Of what use is the ability to make albums, if they cannot contain porn?

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  8. LeeHere Absent

    LeeHere Absent Just Lee

    Yes, and now, of course, there are 23 groups of ten members each all talking about the same thing...ew0K and his eggs.
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  9. XxX

    XxX New Arrival

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  10. Bulldick!

    Bulldick! Rampaging

  11. tout

    tout It is swimming time!!

    Erm... 10 recipiends, must be just for conspirators, we have to be careful.:mob:
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  12. Han Held

    Han Held <3 Internet Mean little kid <3

    Now I see what ticked off Lexxi, can't say I blame her. :|
  13. Clancy

    Clancy The drama is better at Hungry Jack's

    I can't see why this ticks a person off, though. All you can do is host image files, and start a 10-person PM, but how many times would you need to do that? And, there are so many free image hosts out there:

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  14. Earth

    Earth Interface Unit

    i didnt foresee this annoying people. it seemed a natural progression.
    i will grandfather inhabitant III for any II member that requests it within the next week. i have grandfathered both han and lexxi.
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  15. Kick Frenzy

    Kick Frenzy HUZZAH!

    Cool move, Earth.
    I didn't see it as a big deal, since I use Photobucket for the most part and PMs tend to be 1-on-1.
    I figured they'd end up being more Gallery (of fun stuff to look at) than anything else.

    I mean, if there are going to be levels, the higher ones need some sort of award.
    And when that reward is taking up hosting space, I can see why it wouldn't just be handed out to every New Arrival and would be saved for a smaller user group.

    But seeing you address the concerns like you did, that's a pretty stand up response. :)
  16. Kokoro Fasching

    Kokoro Fasching Hydrargyrum Pixie

    I want inhabitant LXIX though!
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  17. Kick Frenzy

    Kick Frenzy HUZZAH!

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  18. Angel  Harmison

    Angel Harmison Ride Naked..Put some color on your cheeks!

    So can i be "grandfathered" in with only 99 trophy points??? Am I a II member even??? Geesh i am completely lost on this... If i can be be yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
  19. Kick Frenzy

    Kick Frenzy HUZZAH!

    It's just a matter of posting more and getting more likes, for the most part.
    Post some hot lesbian pics in the Naughty thread and it won't be long. ;)
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  20. Earth

    Earth Interface Unit

    in due time ;)
    today you are III
    you were II. now you are III
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