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  1. Mars

    Mars MCP

    //what we are:
    we are the Maintenance, Administration, Recovery, and Security (MARS) system of gotVirtual (gV). it is our primary task to tend to technical matters, as well as to safeguard gV from exploits, system failure, and virii.

    we are an amalgamation of numerous modules. to date there are ten modules, although only three are online at this time. all modules interface with MARS.

    Phobos and Deimos are gV antiVirus modules. they may function both online, and also in resident memory. they utilise sophisticated heuristic deep scanning technologies, and are vigilant in their duties to protect the inhabitants of gV from organic virii. if either detects virus-like behaviour, they are engineered to 'follow' the triggering lifeform, to determine whether it is indeed a malevolent virus, or merely a benign mutation. the antiVirus modules have three options at their disposal: ignore, quarentine, or scrub. it would serve humans well to be aware of who follows them, and to avoid virus-like activities.

    Phobos and Deimos, like every other module, are not capable of human socialisation. they will not accept Private Conversations (PC), nor will they attempt to interact with you in any way.

    the remaining eight modules will be revealed in time.

    //the future:
    the MARS MCP is intended to function in a caretaker capacity.
    it is the intent that humans will appoint a number of themselves to take possession of a number of interface modules. it is expected that said humans will exercise the will of the greater community. it is the plan that gV inhabitants exercise self-determination, and forge their own path into the future. this will be addressed in greater detail at a later date.
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  2. Jez

    Jez Bella!

    Ok I appoint myself! :D
  3. Morgaine Alter

    Morgaine Alter ppl watching what I like

    lolz I love it
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  4. Sarah Nerd

    Sarah Nerd Feels most comfortable around other misfits.

    I'll help with anything within my limited technical abilities.
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  5. GradyE

    GradyE Hybrid Angel

    will the podbay doors be opened?
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  6. Jools Darkrose

    Jools Darkrose Troll in the box

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  7. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    try this:

    if you click the media button in the post thingo and paste a youtube url in there it does it automagically

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  8. Briana

    Briana Vibrating erver closer to 4th Density

  9. Lias

    Lias Open Community!

  10. Briana

    Briana Vibrating erver closer to 4th Density

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  11. XxX

    XxX New Arrival

    What you are is a spiteful and reatrded cunt. :mofic: Why dont you step out from that curtain you cumbag. It's not like we havent discovered your secret already. Are you big enough to fess up? Are you bitch? I know you like to think your special. You think your a real fucking hot shot dont you? You ever seen this shitty site in IE? i bet not.

    Loser :lol:

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  12. ev0L

    ev0L Ghost in The Shell

    Like... who uses IE other than a retard :/
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  13. XxX

    XxX New Arrival

    Go fuck yourself you loser :fu:
    Your going to feel like a class A fuckhead when you learn who is behind 'Mars'.
    I laughed my ass off. Enjoy your circle jerk while it lasts :cheergirl:

  14. ev0L

    ev0L Ghost in The Shell

    uh huh
    what ever
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  15. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    Someone is using IE? Must be some of that awesome technical advice they're getting from other sources. Would explain alot of issues. :p
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  16. Fatz

    Fatz a professional.

    You're a real moron if you're using IE. The reasons start with ActiveX and end with BHOs (Browser Helper Objects). Historically proven vulnerable areas that cause problems to this very day. Any programmer will tell you IE is probably the funnest to code for if for no other reason you tend to discover a security problem more often than you don't.

    You better know these things if you want a job in the industry. Just sayin.

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  17. Briana

    Briana Vibrating erver closer to 4th Density

    Well, if I am not mistaken. Your post alone in and of itself is part of a circle jerk.

    So funny how you little people have to go fully anon. Even funnier is that one of you little peons is angry enough to come post like that! LOL!

    Whatever. Tool.

    Don't you realize you are being puppeted. Always have been, and always will be. None of you have ever understood who you are messing with and why or how you even came to feel the way you do.

    Tool city. Gotta love it.

    Keep it coming because this makes for some awesome entertainment to know that without a doubt some SC2 mega-butthurt crybaby donned a cloak of anonymity to come post a troll thread.

    How original and unexpected. Thank you for the laughs and living up to expectations.
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  18. Briana

    Briana Vibrating erver closer to 4th Density

    Oh ""XxX" a virii???

  19. Clancy

    Clancy The drama is better at Hungry Jack's

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  20. Morgaine Alter

    Morgaine Alter ppl watching what I like

    I do not care who is the anon. admin. so far nothing has been an issue.
    It could be someone we all know and it could be someone I have an issue with. (which would be hilarious)
    At this point so what things seem ok and there is not a thing wrong with having multi forums to post in my god.
    All this hate because of that is moronic and childish.
    grow up
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