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  1. Kita

    Kita Should Update Title

    I am getting my Comp TIA set :D A+ Hardware, Network+, Security+. All paid for by uncle Sam. Thanks tax payers for funding this school that charges over twice what the local community college does for these classes so I don't pay a dime and rip off tax payers instead!

    Ok, guilty part aside, I am excited :) I should start the Network+ the week after next, 5 weeks of that I believe, then security+, then back to A+. I was pretty sure I could pass the A+ on my own, so I asked to take a practice test cold without any prep. I failed it :/ I only got 17 out of 30. It was stupid shit too, like asking what the directory was for the user accounts on XP (I put the windows 7 directory... doh!), and the question that PISSED me off asked "What controls the speed of the CPU and the entire system?" I answered "Clock Speed". I thought the inclusion of "Clock Crystal" was a trick answer. But "Clock Crystal" was what they wanted. Huh?? I talked to the A+ instructor who gave me the test, and told him how I felt about that question. I explained that the Crystal is more of the component that enforces the speed. I can set the clock speed in BIOS, and that is ultimately going to be what controls the CPU and system speed, and dictates what the crystal runs at, and therefore, I am technically right. He told me that in the A+ world, there is no such thing as overclocking. I laughed and told him overclocking is a perfectly reasonable thing to do with modern computers, and any mobo worth it's salt will let you do at least basic stuff. We got into a conversation about overslocking at that point, and he obviously is like every other A+ hardware expert I met, who are still stuck in the 80s and 90s, completely behind with modern computing. He insisted I would be blowing the systems with overclocking, and I assured him I have maintained rock solid overclocks on dozens of configurations ON AIR cooling alone. He looked impressed. A student in the room, who had just finished the A+ class the previous week, had her jaw on the floor as she listened. She said to me "You aren't taking the TIA with us, are you? You are WAY ahead..." "Yup, I am" I said with a sigh. She looked ashamed as she admitted she needed a week to study before the test; she had just finished the course, taken the same practice test I took, and had only gotten 7 out of 30. Ouch.

    So, ya, A+ is bullshit. It teaches impractical bullshit, much of which is outdated or doesn't apply to modern hardware applications. As cute as it is to be able to identify parts on a MOBO (which I can do, I just don't know the old names for them or their entire list of functions, just the basics) it doesn't effing matter. Mobos are cheap, and VERY finely constructed with special tools. Replacing the entire thing is what you do when something goes, you don't dig out the chip and replace it. *Maybe* a connector, depending on the situation. Usually, by the time a connector goes, the thing is so old it needs to be replaced anyways. Needing to identify parts and their individual functions is therefore USELESS. If you know how to troubleshoot and identify which main part in the overall system is the root of the problem, that is all you need to know, because you replace the WHOLE DAMNED THING in modern computers. There should be separate modules for working with legacy proprietary systems that stubborn companies would rather pay $10,000 to replace a 20 year old chip on the main board than replace the whole thing with a modern, faster system for $50,000. Apparently, their math doesn't crunch long term numbers. Doing that kind of work requires knowledge the A+ won't teach anyways, so giving a glaze-over of legacy tech doesn't cut it. I took an A+ course ten effing years ago (never took the test though) and had the same frustrations even then. I knew far less about computers, yet still could tell they were teaching things that don't matter in the modern PC world.

    If I can't pass A+ walking in cold, with as much time as I spend researching and working on PC hardware, how relevant can it be? *sigh*. I think I will go through the other two modules, then study the big A+ book, try the practice test again, and hopefully be able to slide through without the class by the end. I really don't want to spend 6 weeks being lectured on how to plug DDR ram and Pentium IIIs in. (I scouted the hardware room, and yes, that is what the practice systems have lying around the workbenches.) I want to learn things that are new and practical. Can't we take apart mobile devices??? Sheesh... Maybe the A+ will cover that by 2025 or so.
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  2. Briana

    Briana Vibrating erver closer to 4th Density

    Well congrats are in order. Good luck on the courses.
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  3. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    Damn girl you rock those certs. I found mine rather entertaining, it's nice to see someone else having fun with it.

    From the posts you have made here, I'm confident you have it in the bag.

    Good luck.
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  4. Kita

    Kita Should Update Title


    So, I was told today in my meeting I needed to shop around because the place I was scheduled to take the class is overcharging. I went to another place, which is further away. Everyone was stiff, and I think the guy I was talking to hated me for not being solely career track based with my class needs. They seem like the type of place with lots of corporate contracts with clear training goals. Who do you think tells the companies what IT training their employees need?? Analysts and consultants like ME who have a BROAD AND GENERAL knowledge base! I might have come off as a know-it-all to0 by asking for options for getting around taking the entire A+ class. I explained that I know all the practical hands-on stuff and just needed to learn the impractical book knowledge they want you to know, and also want to get as much done as quickly as possible so I can start working. He didn't want to do test only, and really was afraid their image would be tarnished if someone used their study materials but still failed the test... he actually said that, in not so many words.

    I expressed my desire to learn some server-based stuff too, and was talking about the linux/ unix classes, which he kept steering me away from. He was insistent that microsoft certs were the way to go. I have never talked to anyone who has been in the field that, for general knowledge, which I told him was more my goal, would take microsoft over linux. Every professional who I have talked to about server tech has said that microsoft, though a different beast due to the amount of bloat and 'quirks', is easy to pick up if you have run linux servers. Vice versa doesn't translate. Workplaces like to see microsoft experience, but practically, unix is more universal. If all else fails in windows server, command line. Bam, easy. Anyways, I told the adviser that linux/ unix is the most common server software anyways, so I was more likely to run across it. He told me he never heard that before, and didn't think that was true. Where did I hear that? I paused, because it is like asking someone how they know Windows is the most popular OS. It is kind of common tech knowledge you just google and it is right there. Really now. I told him it was common knowledge, and he gave me a blank stare. I gave him an example of a NAS; technically a server, they almost always have UNIX based systems. He pursed his lips and I watched his face remain ice cold as he did everything in his power not to roll his eyes at me before moving on to continually dismiss the importance of unix classes, and tell me how much people love to see microsoft on resumes, and how it is by far better than any other type of certification after I finish CompTIA. He threw me a bone by saying that if I want to go that route, it is best to get the proprietary class on Cisco/ IBM etc., because no one cares about general unix and linux classes (even though the school offered them...) For posterity, I take you to Wikipedia: Scroll down right after that gem, and OH LOOK. No Microsoft in sight on MAINFRAMES. And SUPERCOMPUTERS (you know, those big machines doing something more important than parsing inter-office memos and powerpoints) have a 99% share of linux or Unix. 0.2% for Microsoft. I am sure that linux can't be all that important to master. Just a geeky fad for cheapskates and home-based companies. Microsoft is so shiny, and guarantees a secure job in desktop support for my whole life!

    I am not a monkey who pushes special buttons just right. I have no desire to be one either. I am going to do something awesome, like lay the groundwork for AI, and it isn't going to be done in Visual Basic, tyvm (though I *may* use tiny pieces of .net to build prototypes, my idea is nowhere near as bloated as the needs of windows).

    ...I haven't even formally began my TRAINING, let alone full time work in the tech field, and I am already wondering why I am being treated like an idiot by actual idiots.

    I told him just to submit the proposal for the entire CompTIA, and I was going to go against his STRONG advice, and still start with Network+, and decide after that if I want to go into the hardware+ class. Is it because I am female, maybe? He doesn't think I can 'handle' a class on basic networking? Pffft. Fuck him, I'll do fine. I teach techs shit they didn't know already, and I teach myself shit when I want to do something new. Just because I have book knowledge gaps doesn't mean I'm green.
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  5. Kita

    Kita Should Update Title

    Oooooohhh... They have a class for 'CEH' certification... Certified Ethical Hacker. :devil:

    I promise to not drop the 'E', except when someone *really* asks for it... :fingerscrossed:

    Also, now that I have a good look at the book, 2/3 of it has microsoft related classes. Yaaa.... Moving right on past all of that... (might learn visual studio for the hell of it though. So when all else fails in MS, debug!)
  6. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    I'm sorry that guy is such an ass.

    Personally, as a certified Microsoft Systems Engineer for sometime, more and more it's my least requested certification.

    Unless your going to work for a Microsoft only shop.

    And yes, as a female, if you're looking to get into networks, auditing, and eventually security, you're going to have to deal with a shit load of people, most of them men, who will dismiss your ideas off handedly and without consideration.

    Persistence and your clear dedication will overcome this type of crap, but your weed intake will likely increase substantially.
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  7. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    And, ftr, book knowledge is totally over fucking rated.
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  8. Kita

    Kita Should Update Title

    Thanks Lain :)

    It is reassuring to have fellow tech-geek girls to rant to :p

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  9. Kita

    Kita Should Update Title

    OH GOD DAMMIT. The asshole submitted a slew of Microsoft server crap in his proposal! I TOLD HIM I DIDN'T WANT TO TAKE THOSE.

    ...and he also squeezed in ethical hacker, even though we didn't even discuss that one... heehee...

    I need to go fix this. ;_;
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  10. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    Ethical hacker is such a joke course. Take it for the easy credit. Taking the MS stuff won't hurt, especially if you want to do pen testing or auditing.

    However, make sure to get your *Nix cert and your network stuff first is possible, those MS network classes are worthless, only covering MS environments and leaving you to figure out hybrid networks on your own for the most part.
  11. Kita

    Kita Should Update Title

    I talked to my adviser, and he called up the guy from the school. The extra classes were 'suggestions'. The guy at the school also once again expressed his EXTREME CONCERN for the fact I want to jump into Network+ first. He put it in his official proposal, and said it again on the phone. Neither of the two people I spoke to at the other school expressed a shred of concern when I told them this was the path I wanted to do... Anyways, my adviser stood up for me :) This douche at the school was really making me doubt myself.

    What is the ethical hacker? Just script kiddie stuff? Debugging wordpress? Basic precautions I will learn in Network+ and Security+? Based on the description, I was hoping it would assume security+ knowledge and teach some nifty advanced stuff, maybe even take apart some major break-ins and nasty pieces of code or something.

    There was a slew of other security certs, what do you recommend I take as the next step after compTIA that will basically expand on it? And do you recommend Linux+? Their Server+ class was online only, and I won't be able to get online only courses funded.
  12. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    Ethical Hacker is a course built around a small subset of tools and practices which promises to teach white hat types how to better test their own networks and improve their auditing skills.

    What it fails to do is train the student to think like a hacker. All of the tools and databases full of old hacker tricks is not going to help anyone without giving them the tools to think outside the box.

    It's not a bad cert to have, as it's being widely accepted as a basic launch point for security types.

    Linux+ is an excellent cert to demonstrate rudimentary Linux skills and administration knowledge. It's like the A+ is to hardware.

    CISSP is a good resume item. Also, anything Cisco based is huge bonus if your goal is networks and security, good portion of the world's infrastructure is powered by Cisco products.

    A CCNA and a CISSP along with those others you mentioned will get you more work than you care to get, allowing you to pick and choose.

    It also gives you leeway to pull some time "working for the man" before you go Independent Contractor, assuming that's your goal.

    I like to take contracts now and then that pay for certs I want and do not have. Its a cheap way to stack up the creds. :)
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  13. Mulch

    Mulch Why does the drum come hither?

    lain gave you specifics, i have always, and again, going to give you a great generality in surviving todays world, on your terms, while playing the game the way "the man" wants it played

    you learned basic python, knowing its a $100k job in the waiting

    why not pursue that?

    i have also been hearing some amazing things about C SHARP

    get your certs. dont worry about what certs. if more people are hiring for microsoft, get the fucking job

    then make your own way in the world doing what you want in your free time until you become good enough AT THAT to command respect/pay/entrepreneurship to quit the stupid mcjob that requires a stupid microsoft cert

    just get someone to finance you WHILE you are sharpening the virtual sword you will use to conquer the universe

    remember my colleague paul, the guy who did this years banned go daddy puppy superbowl ad, and that green day video, and a bunch of wresting stuff

    he was older than i am now when he started

    his trick was getting paid for what he could do, and if they wanted more than he could do that he had to pay to learn new things, or buy software/gear to accomplish it, he built it into the cost so his clients, in a sense, financed his growth, which he then turned around and sold to other clients now that he had the gear or mastered the art on another clients dime, keeping that "subsidy" as a "raise" since he could charge for it, but no longer had to learn/buy the gear

    get a day job with your microsoft certs. use it springboard into what you love, what will make you the real money, or hopefully both

    if you spent half as much effort that you do resisting into swimming with the flow and letting the tide benefit you, you would have more success then you ever thought possible


    even if the opportunity you are being offered isnt perfect and doesnt make sense NOW, take and use it to get a foot in the door to what you are SUPPOSED to be doing

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  14. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    i take it you wisely opted out of a culinary career?
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  15. Kita

    Kita Should Update Title

    I was never looking for a career in culinary. I would like to open a restaurant one day, but it is low on my priorities. It was a job, something I am good at.

    Thanks for the list, Lain :) I will circle those on my cert list, I am pretty sure there are classes for all of them available!

    Mulch, I have typed and retyped multiple huge long diatribes, and decided it wasn't worth it. I have said everything that is needed to you before, and it falls on deaf ears.

    Let me keep this simple; I know the market better than you. I know my skills and abilities. I know what I want. I know what the market wants and needs. I am a thinker, and analyzer, and I see the big picture. You think far smaller than you realize, and microscopically so when you look at me. Your suggestions are always against everything I know that you don't. I am not in a tide because swimming is for fish. I go where I need to go, do what needs to be done, and I SEE and UNDERSTAND the patterns of nature. That is for the animals to follow, and I am not one of them. When you even get an inkling of who I am, you will understand. You think you need to protect me, that the world is going to beat me up for going against it. And... that breaks my heart that you can't have faith in me. Maybe you don't have faith in the world that it can make room for me. You need to trust me when it comes to issues of ME. I want to be happy, and to do what I am meant to. I will use all my strength to push through, and the last thing I need is resistance from someone that is supposed to be supporting me. We have talked about coding before, and if I go into any details, it will once again turn into a diatribe.

    *deletes a paragraph* Yup, there I went again. Blue face and all.

    I am looking for 100 different ways to explain this to you for the upteenth time in hopes that one of them will be clear.

    *blue faced tangent* ARGH.

    I cannot do this.

    I am on a path you cannot see, that you don't think exists. I can see it, it is becoming more clear the further I get. If you can't support me WHERE I AM GOING, instead of where YOU think I should go, then we are done. I don't want or need your resistance making me doubt myself.
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  16. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

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  17. Bunnie

    Bunnie Everybody loves the sunshine.

    Kita, you sound like you know what you are doing, and what you want. Don't let them bully you. Trust me, I know all about this. Beginning computers, what is a Lan? And I'm the only one who knew without looking it up. Gah! Big hugs.
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  18. Kita

    Kita Should Update Title

    So Lain... WiFi Pineapple. Ever play with one? Should I get one? Better toys/ alternatives? Security+ is much more fun than network+, though I learned a ton of new stuff that filled in gaps with network+.
  19. Kita

    Kita Should Update Title

    Passed the test in first try! I am a CompTIA Security+ certified professional! :D

    Next up: Network+ :)

    (I have a feeling I did the hardest TEST first, and am doing the hardest CLASS next. The class for Security was easy, but the test was brutal, and I felt unprepared as soon as I saw the questions. Thought for sure by the 6th or so question I would fail. None of my multiple test prep stuff came close to properly preparing me for it, I was just drilled on terms and had to wing the answers based on that. Nothing practical was covered, just endless drilling. I think I would have been more confident if I was an actual practicing Security or Networking professional with a few years experience who just took the class for certification reasons. That is how unprepared I felt the study material made me.)

    BUT. It is done and over with. HUGE relief to just get the first one, makes me confident I can get the rest and motivated to finish up and get some work. I REALLY want to be working, and have my own place. My anxiety is creeping up every week, and I am slowly becoming a wreck. :/ I have never worked so hard to keep myself together and busy and distracted, so I constantly feel stressed and can't relax. Weekends are gone because my dad needed help at work after losing multiple employees in a month. I get paid barely over minimum wage, and have lost unemployment that was paying me based on a job that paid $4/ hr. more. So, making the same money as before and losing the only time I had off doing a job that I hate and that adds to my stress and anxiety (dealing with customers...*shudders*... and my shift sees all the tweakers, crackheads, methheads, and homeless as they wake up and shuffle around town looking for somewhere warm/ dry to steal/ deal/ use/ abuse/ waste time from.)
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  20. Bunnie

    Bunnie Everybody loves the sunshine.

    Kick ass!

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