Just what the fuckity fuck...

Discussion in 'mature-NSFW' started by Bunnie, 3 Nov 2011.

  1. Bunnie

    Bunnie Everybody loves the sunshine.

    Here, have a weird video:

    Someone shared this on SLU, and now I'm sharing it with you, my friends.

    You can thank me later. :angel:
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  2. tout

    tout It is swimming time!!

    Tout laughs...funny one
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  3. GradyE

    GradyE Hybrid Angel

    Definitive proof that there is something new under the sun.
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  4. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    how does somebody even dream up such a thing?
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  5. Kick Frenzy

    Kick Frenzy HUZZAH!

    they were probably just thinking with the wrong head. ;)
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  6. Bunnie

    Bunnie Everybody loves the sunshine.

    I LOVE that Lain (is Bams) first reaction (besides the slack jawed look on her face the entire time) was "I HAVE to send this to my brother."

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  7. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    Or under a rock. :scared:
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  8. Kita

    Kita Should Update Title


    Quit reminding me what I hate about guys! It makes Mulch lonely :p
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  9. Saffs

    Saffs Accredited batshit buster

    I don't think that is quite the point, Kita
  10. Sarah Nerd

    Sarah Nerd Feels most comfortable around other misfits.

    That's really awesome in a weird way. I like weird! Can't wait for my inlaws to see this one on FB!
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