Lack of good short hairstyles for girls in SL

Discussion in 'theGrid' started by Katina Star, 21 Feb 2011.

  1. Ishtara

    Ishtara Persnickety Pink Pixie

    I like it too :) But where did you get that photo of the famous French girl? ;)
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  2. tout

    tout It is swimming time!!

    Heu, but... aber.. here or there. i knew i made something wrong,and no delete button here:mad:
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  3. Ishtara

    Ishtara Persnickety Pink Pixie

    Don't worry, it's all good :cool: I'm glad to see both her and you here.
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  4. colleen Criss

    colleen Criss Your life will never be the same again.

    Ishtara those styles are all awesome !
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  5. Jez

    Jez Bella!

    Totally awesome. Im grabbing a few of those when i log in next.
  6. tout

    tout It is swimming time!!

    Thank you for your Charisma, i appreciate a lot:)
  7. Lilyana

    Lilyana srs beans

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  8. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    some great looking hairs, but i cannot even begin to fathom changing my hair!
  9. Katina Star

    Katina Star Proud to be a NERD!

    Those two look awesome! I will definitely have a look at them inworld!
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