Major realization yesterday about my pot smoking

Discussion in 'onTopic' started by Briana, 2 Apr 2015.

  1. Briana

    Briana Vibrating erver closer to 4th Density

    Okay. Welcome to my crazy.

    So yesterday I was at the library, and kept thinking that I should step into the parking lot and have a lil smoke catch a lil high. But, I was on a computer with a timer and people were circling waiting for an open machine so i couldn't leave - yet the thought of going to have a smoke kept coming up and then it hit me.

    I am obsessing and it is inhibiting my focus on what I am learning. So I immediately opened my Google Doc and wrote something down which may resonate with some of you - if it does, pursue if you wish.

    Staying continuously stoned is Service to Self ([HASHTAG]#STS[/HASHTAG]) and obsessive. [HASHTAG]#Obsession[/HASHTAG] blocks the acquiring of [HASHTAG]#knowledge[/HASHTAG], and [HASHTAG]#KnowledgeProtects[/HASHTAG]. Obsessive behavior typifies what is STS, an inhibitor of knowledge except when there is a specific need to know/learn something for furthering and achievement of STS pursuits. This leaves you vulnerable to attack by the vicissitudes of life.
    When you choose Service to Others ([HASHTAG]#STO[/HASHTAG]) over Service to Self you recognize when these attacks occur and you make your decisions in accordance with the Service to Others path and decide with your heart, not ‘emotional-chemical’ heart but the place in you where your soul honors their soul, the light, love, beauty & peace within each of us. And equally important, recognizing STS behavior allows you to avoid making decisions that create Karmic Debt, because as long as you have karmic debt you have lessons to learn. The more lessons you learn the further along the path of enlightenment you move.

    So, bottom line, no more smoking weed all day. A 27 year lesson in the learning.

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  2. Mulch

    Mulch Why does the drum come hither?

    its better at night after all the days responsibilities are done anyway, maybe before dinner
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  3. Kita

    Kita Should Update Title

    I just can't do anything that alters how I feel on a regular basis anyways. It is hard enough dealing with myself sober, but even when I am numbed, my anxiety ramps up to make up for it. Anything that doesn't numb makes me spin off my axis in a million directions, including the anxiety, and it is messy, exhausting, and unpleasant more than anything. I figure anyone who can stay stoned all the time must either have no worries, is much more easy going than me (and I am pretty effin easy going), or really have their shit together.

    Point of this being, you are going through a big change right now, and I sensed in your post a bit of the anxiety I get when stoned. Maybe a break while you figure yourself out is a good thing. Save it for a treat on a lazy day. Otherwise, at least for me, it kind of throws my existential meanderings and attempts to make order of myself and my life way off, when I need to focus these attempts instead.
  4. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    The more pot smoke the more focused I get... to a point. The key for me is to identify the tipping point and remain productive instead of ending up watching cartoons with Bunnie on the couch.

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  5. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    No worries isn't my status, I think we can all agree I'm wound a bit tight sometimes, I guess I have my shit together? I'm sure I can find a few people who would debate that with you.

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  6. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    ive always prefered an energetic high, myself. get high then go out and do things during the day and whatnot.
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  7. Kick Frenzy

    Kick Frenzy HUZZAH!

    You also seem to be a natural.
    Some people 'just can't handle', while some have a superb cruise control or... umm... some other cool metaphor.
    There's also a huge difference between being within some sort of law, local or federal, and being outside of any law.
    That one thing makes a huge difference in how people can function throughout the day.

    Anyway, I'm rambling.
    I'm gonna stop now. :)
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  8. Kita

    Kita Should Update Title

    I meant that part more tongue in cheek than I think it turned out... :p

    It was a cheeky passive aggressive way of saying "Normal people can smoke, so CHILL THE FUCK OUT STUPID BRAIN OF MINE."

    Yes, I yell at myself passive aggressively through public forum posts that are actually addressed to myself. I am the quirky, self-aware kind of crazy, at least... :p
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  9. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    I was just poking fun, I wasn't serious or anything. When I don't keep a moderate level of THC in me, my Brain tends to run on about a million things at once.

    It's like having multiple televisions playing at the same time, all on different channels at varied volumes.

    As time goes on more and more televisions are added until there's too many to keep track of.

    The pot helps me phase out the less important channels when I need to focus.

    Unfortunately, it's impossible to shut them off entirely once they've been "turned on". I just have to let it run its course, so to speak.

    Some days it helps to have the cable shutoff, to stick with the metaphor. That's what mushrooms are for. ;)
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  10. Kick Frenzy

    Kick Frenzy HUZZAH!

    I was about to mention acid when I ran into the last sentence about shrooms.
    I think I remember you being NOT ABOUT ACID, but still would make more sense to me than the giggly shrooms.
    (Not that that's a bad thing.)

    Either way... when your brain wants to let in a ton of shit, sometimes it's worth it to ride the wave instead of trying to calm it or bob up and down as it passes you by.
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  11. Mulch

    Mulch Why does the drum come hither?


    have you read the elves & 4/20 threads yet?


    acid and shrooms are tinker toys, as powerful as i admit that they are. salvia and mescaline too!

    they are definitely powreful

    but the elves are all of that x 1,000,000, yet so much more...

    Definitive Mind Transformation
  12. Kick Frenzy

    Kick Frenzy HUZZAH!

    Yeah... I started reading the Elves thread, but didn't want to get that sucked in at the moment. :)

    I had a feeling the aliens were related to salvia.
    I only put it aside because - hot fuck do I have shit to share and ... just...
    details about that side are better in that thread and I wasn't sure I wanted to spend those brain cycles to catch up and reply in that thread.

    All I can say at first blush is that we need to meet up in RL some day.
    But more about that in the Elves thread when I get there. :)
  13. Mulch

    Mulch Why does the drum come hither?

    its not salvia

    salvia is almost a photo negative... it has its place, but the elves are special; divine; eternal;everywhere; you...

    i look forward to your take on meeting the elves

    and we NEED to meet up in RL. you are so far tho, with a family and i dont fly...

    still, it should happen

  14. Kick Frenzy

    Kick Frenzy HUZZAH!

    Where are you again?
    Washington? Arizona? Hollow Earth?

    But, hmm... there's salvialiens too.
    I visited with them a couple times... made music partially inspired by that shift in reality too.
    But, yeah... there are some angles I haven't seen.

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