Mushroom Hunting anyone?

Discussion in 'area17-NSFW' started by Lain, 8 Dec 2016.

  1. Lain

    Lain End of line. #resist

    So, maybe it's time to abandon traditional career paths based upon the direction of the country, the undeniable futility of what I do, and the exhaustion from swimming in a pool of human horrorshows polluting the planet, and take on a new career.

    I hear there's money in hunting mushrooms. Or at least some peace and quiet. And maybe a few trips here and there.

    Bunnie and I found some Amanita muscaria
    which I understand is a pretty harsh DXM kinda thing. Maybe you know something about them Mulchy?

    Anyway made a new thread in the spirit of renewed community for discussion about topic.

    Good times
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