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    jolan tru, beautifuls.

    we are largely the product of conflict; a civil war amongst the Beautiful fleets. for pretty much the entirety of House of Beautifuls existence, the only thing that has bound us together is defiance in the face of hostility, and our iron resolve to see this through to the end and maximise our fleet holdings. against all odds we have succeeded.

    but we may have lost something.
    we became so focused with ruthless efficiency on churning fleet projects that we ceased to channel much energy into socialising with one another. we, in a sense, tuned each other out and became a collective of lone wolves.

    it has been said many times (by people more eloquent than myself) that the core of any great fleet is its members. its not so much a shared purpose or a common vision, but the very relationships forged that are what make up the identity of the fleet. this social fabric is what we must now endeavour to repair, and one of the things we are doing to address this is recruitment. we are hard at work bringing new people into the House. this is the single most important thing on the agenda. new members bring new ideas. they tend to provoke conversation in the channels merely by chatting to one another, and this is something we should all encourage. when people ask a question, maybe you can answer it. when people want to team, maybe you can X up for the team. when people fish for advise, maybe you can share your experience.

    when donations are closed for an afternoon, please understand that the new people need a chance to make their first project donations (as a show of good faith if nothing more).
    if you need to unload marks or whatnot to generate some fleet credit in a hurry, please dont hesitate to contact @ruinsfate or myself. if your rank is 'beautiful' you could even pop into their avengers 101 channel and get an invite. they have done great work on our fed fleet. we should probably so something for them in return.

    with love,

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