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    we have finalised functionality that will automatically send all new members to gV a private conversation. the purpose of the conversation is to inform new members of the following:
    • the new member welcome thread
    • 3 posts and 10 likes, and what thats all about
    • the tips and tricks threads in the engineering node
    • the inhabitant rights and community standards
    in the next post i will share the message with you in the hope that you might provide feedback.
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  2. Earth

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    title: welcome to gotVirtual!

    hi {username},

    thank you for registering at gotVirtual. we are glad to have you join our community and hope that you'll enjoy your stay with us.

    would you like to introduce yourself and tell us a bit about yourself in our welcome thread?


    the more a member participates, the more features that will be unlocked to them. make three posts and accumulate ten 'likes' to unlock your first set of features: use of the like button, changing of user title, and uploading of attachments!
    more information can be found in the sticky threads in our 'gV engineering' node, located here.


    members of gV have rights! take a minute to check out the Inhabitant Rights for a great insight into what gV is all about.
    please read through our short and simple Community Standards.


    if you have any questions, please feel free to post to the gV engineering node, located here.

    with regards,

    (note that this private conversation cannot be replied to)
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