New Trek series January 2017

Discussion in 'the barracks' started by Kaspa, 2 Nov 2015.

  1. Kaspa

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  2. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    i was really hoping they would pick up where ent left off :(

    and this is a bit annoying:
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  3. Kaspa

    Kaspa Akagiyama 23

    I'll take what we can get :) getting tired of watching TNG reruns lol

    I wasn't sure what all that streaming stuff was about. Bastards are going to try and milk the world
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  4. Kita

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    I see Kurtzman is involved. I don't know who ruined Scorpion, one of his shows, but I found it unwatchable after the pilot. Huge plot holes accompanied an obvious disregard for realistic tech. A generic action/ suspense romp dumbed down for masses. One can forgive 'bad science' in Star Trek and other Sci-Fi to a point, but in a show with a modern setting that doesn't have fantasy/ alien tech running around, is inexcusable. 'Smart' shows using science and tech are sorely lacking these days, and Star Trek was the grandfather of 'smart' shows, challenging modern thinking and exploring future technology. This new series sounds like it will run a heavy risk of doing great disservice to the Star Trek name and universe. I will keep an eye out... but I am tempering expectations quite a bit.
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  5. Kaspa

    Kaspa Akagiyama 23

    I too could not stand to watch Scorpion after the pilot. As well as Minority Report. That actually really upset me being that i am a HUGE Philip K. Dick fan. Love his books. Honestly i feel like most new shows these days have a strict set of guidlines that must be followed. Almost as if the networks and studios will not produce unless they meet certain social criteria. Where their goals may be admirable they are doing a disservice to the audience. They are counting on us to not be intelligent enough to see through social engineering attempts. imo if you have to design a show with certain key factors that must be in place it limits the creativity and leaves an artificial feel to the production. I love shows that are allowed to just organically develop the plot, imo of course :)
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  6. Kick Frenzy

    Kick Frenzy HUZZAH!

    This new series will never get a chance to really, really shine.
    Being exclusive as online streaming content makes it feel second-tier.
    If they want a new series to go well, it has to be on TV.

    Like, MUST be broadcasted on a TV channel... I don't care if it's a traditional network or not.
    Just as an online streaming series... I don't think it'll have the same presence as a TV show.

    The worst part is they're putting the series premiere (or something like that) out on TV first.
    Fuck that shit.

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