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    Kita Should Update Title

    FYI Nina, you might be interested in looking up how the US political parties have evolved over the years. While it is true the Democrats used to be the staunchly conservative party, supporting things like slavery, it is also commonly known there was a huge shift during the early to mid century. The modern Democrats more closely resemble old turn of the century Republicans, and modern Republicans more closely resemble turn of the century Democrats. Being critical of what Democrats did 0ver 100 years is only being critical of the Democrat name, yet the IDEALS of conservatism are really what are at the core. The conservative tenants are the root of what the documentary will speak upon if it is talking about Democrats from around the 1930ish and before. And those ideals have been taken up by modern republicans. The dangers of being socially conservative. Don't do it, kids! Bicker about money all you want, but don't be a dick to each other, mmkay?

    All of this only strengthens my resolve when I speak so strongly against bi-partisanship. The parties have changed dramatically, but people are SO tied to the name, the 'us vs them' mentality, it seems like the entire country is a bunch of lemmings willing to follow their chosen side off the side of a cliff.
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  2. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    the confederacy, jim crowe, kkk, george wallace, senator byrd, all democrats.
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  3. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    The fall of
    How a digital trailblazer and progressive powerhouse lost its way.

    founding editors and ex-writers lament the decline of
  4. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    fantastic vid

  5. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    lolol :waah:
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    nina still prettier than you

    An Election Season Conversation With Ralph Nader, the Nation’s No. 1 Public-Interest Crusader
    “America, you are asleep.”
    he doesnt endorse anyone, although he obviously leans toward bernie.
    interesting interview though.
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    nina still prettier than you

  8. nina

    nina still prettier than you

  9. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    Potential Jurors Refuse To Serve Judge In Stanford Sex Assault Case

    its a racist outrage to suggest being an anchor-baby member of la raza may impact a case, but boycotting a judge for attending the same college as a defendant is social justice.
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    recorded 30 years ago... and its terrifying.

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    Hillary deletes more than emails as the latest edition of her memoir removes all her cheerleading for controversial Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal

    crooked hillary!
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    The Obama Admin Blocked An Iranian-American Judge From Hearing Iranian Immigration Cases
  13. nina

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    German Finance Minister: ‘Closing EU Borders Would Lead Germany to Incest’
    this is what leftist panic look like. just as in america, fewer and fewer europeans are buying into the entire 'diversity is strength' mantra, and globalists are in an absolute panic.
    seriously, would anyone other then the most 'progressive' entertain such a stupid argument?
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    nina still prettier than you

  15. Mulch

    Mulch Why does the drum come hither?

    "the good news is that there are 50 less pedophiles"

    since you want to politicize this, here is your brethren

    this is who you align yourself with

    fucking enjoy your hate

    (bonus points if you can tell me the difference between sharia law and this fucking "christian douchebag")

    i am a christian. my God says "love everyone," including my enemies. this guy is the EXACT SAME THING as the one who killed those people.

    this guy disagrees. so do you.

    so enjoy the world which you CHOOSE to live in. im done. your politicizing this is absolutely disgusting

    hahaha. hardee har har


    you win a fucking political point

    enjoy it

    your trolling crossed a line this time

    sorry, but it did


    the end
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  16. Kita

    Kita Should Update Title

    If the current big name terrorist group out there was the Canadian Fartmasters, these soulless assholes would be still doing these same asshole things as Canadian Fartmasters. They are AMERICANS. They were not 'radicalized' by Muslims. They are disillusioned psychopathic little shits leading meaningless lives and looking for attention. It's a systemic issue that is getting worse with every generation. Serial Killers used to be all the rage. They all had manifestos or a gimmick or some other sad bullshit excuse they told themselves to justify their actions. Same void here. Same empty husks of humans looking for fulfillment. It's not cool to be a serial killer any more. They aren't in the news any more. It is cool to be a TERRORIST now. They get all the attention. Mass shootings are the name of the game, not the months of cat and mouse games. It's very, very difficult to get away with murder anymore, let alone serial murder. So they get them all done at once, guaranteed to get the attention they crave.

    Has anyone else noticed the steep decline in serial killings and steep uptick in mass shootings?? It isn't the guns, it is the hate. The guns just make them more efficient at what they set out to do. The most brutal of all killers always used a 'higher' power to justify their acts so they could disassociate the evil. The name of the religion means nothing, it is an excuse to justify their actions to themselves. A shield, if you would. If you blame the religion, you have to blame the guns too. The truth is, we need to blame the actual person who did it for once. We need to not hold our society up as being so perfect until our innocent little children were corrupted by the ebil terrorist propaganda. Not only is it an insult to say our society and ways are so weak that our kids can so easily be swayed, arrogance blinds us to our own flaws. The US is the capital of serial killers and these disassociated mass shootings. Vast majority have been men, vast majority white. Brown men are now being raised the same as those white men. They are just as human, just as susceptible to the systemic inherent flaws that made those white male american serial killers. Skin color doesn't matter, he was American and raised as an American. Something is broke here. Something is breaking men in a way no other society is. Middle Eastern terrorists actually are raised in the religious hatred and zealotry. They are raised in terror and war zones, and do not know peace. What excuse do these Americans have? There is something hidden and hideous and insidious that no one sees, yet is rotting us from the inside. Figuring it out will be the greatest accomplishment of any Sociologist that has ever studied Americans.

    This is NOT an act of terrorism. It is an act of hatred by a hateful, empty being whose insides were rotted away before he ever finished growing up.
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  17. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    in what way do i align myself with him? i am the furthest thing from a christian.
    one huge point that so many people are happy to overlook is the fact that catholics arent throwing gays off rooftops to their deaths. muslims are. christian nations dont sentence people to death for homosexuality. muslim nations do. the guy that walked into the gay club in orlando and killed or maimed 100 people wasnt a christian. he was muslim.
    and many gays on social media are a bit dismayed at the multi-cultural handwringing thats going on in the left at the moment.

    the difference is that that christians belief is fringe, while sharia law is mainstream in over a dozen countries.

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