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Discussion in 'the academy' started by nina, 4 Oct 2014.

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    nina still prettier than you

    in less than 10 days delta rising, aka X2, is upon us and brings not only t6 ships and the delta quadrant, but a few changes to current mechanics. one of these changes is the new 'nightmare' level, and as of X2 you will need to complete nws and your 6 stfs under nightmare level in order to get your accolades, kirks protege title, and your hoss/harvester KHG/Omega uniform unlocks.

    we are currently trying to organise teams and times to help those interested get their accolades while the going is still relatively easy. if you are either wanting the accolades, or are willing to help them, please make it known so we can get a few runs underway before the looming deadline hits!

    some guides:

    nws sto wiki page
    nws quick sheet
    nws Wave Formation Basic Guide
  2. nina

    nina still prettier than you

    i can team for stf ground accolades and nws.
  3. Lax

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    If you need a wingman for either, give me a shout ingame.
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