Open Carry is bad, mmkay.

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    An unpopular idea, I understand. Read it or don't, Bunnie has been reading me Facebook debates about it for days and my sanity boiled over into this rant.

    To prefice the following statement for the record I state that I am a licensed gun owner with a permit to carry my firearm concealed. I have been tested and verified to be competent in the use and handling of a firearm and have undergone a qualification process which I repeat at regular intervals to maintain aforementioned competency.

    With that said, this is how it should be. Open carry laws are inviting disaster and only serve to endanger average citizens so that insecure people can carry a safety blanket with them in public.

    The world is too dense with people to have any random citizen walking around with more firepower than most of them can handle strapped to their person.

    Firearms are not playthings. Firearms are not fashion accesories. Firearms are not ego boosters. Firearms are not extensions of your genitals, and will not compensate for misfires in your self esteem, enlarge your manhood, or even protect you when things escalate beyond reason.

    A misconception among open carry supporters has them believing an increased number of firearms will decrease the possibility of violence, and/or allow them to play the hero when Richard Lester begins cracking off rounds inside a theater/mall/school/etc.

    History shows that people inclined to open fire in a crowd are less than concerned about the outcome of the situation, up to and including lack of interest in emerging with their own life in tact.

    As such, more persons opening fire in a crowded area in a misguided attempt to halt another from killing innocent people will more than likely kill innocent people in the process.

    People will run from a single shooter, away from them usually resulting in lives preserved and fewer casualties.

    Multiple shooters will leave victims confused and unsure where to flee, resulting in increased casualties due to hesitation and misjudgement.

    If anyone is allowed to handle and carry a firearm without proper training and fettering it becomes impossible to guard the general population from the handful of people who shouldn't have firearms at all.

    How do you know if the guy at the counter drinking coffee is a good guy, or about to kill everyone in the Starbucks? You can't possibly know. If open carry was only allowed through a process similar to concealed weapon carry, this becomes less of an issue.

    Most people do not fear a security guard or police officer as it can be assumed these people have at the very least rudimentary training and will be held accountable for missteps in their judgement.

    A simple glance at any discussion about this topic will generally reveal a pattern of behavior from supporters of the 'Wild West' laws supporting unlicensed open and concealed carry. Endless posts with images of their guns and debates about who has the largest or most powerful handgun walking around on their person.

    Action movie postering and ridiculous hardware unsuitable for closed quarters combat proves how inept these types are and screams for someone to put a stop to this kind of innane behavior that in any other discussion would be a foregone conclusion.

    The Constitution is an idea, a set of concepts designed to be ratified as time went on to keep America progressing and moving forward.

    It is not a set in stone paradigm put in place to enable one group to terrorize another with backwards thinking and intimidation.

    My Dad used to tell me that my rights extend to the end of my extended fist. Meaning that my rights are mine as long as I'm not infringing on someone else's rights.

    People in this country have a right to move about without fear of being shot dead in the streets. By cops, terrorists, or rednecks unwilling to accept progress.

    We need to spend less time worrying about the Muslims and the Mexicans and worry about the crazy white mother fuckers who are primarily responsible for the mass shootings rednecks are using as yet another excuse to persecute brown people.

    Good Times
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  2. Kita

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    Movies with superheroes etc make me laugh, because I can't help but wonder how many people get killed while battling the bad guy over one stupid girl. They tear apart multiple city blocks. Not much of a city left, especially when the fight did as much damage as the villian would have done on their own.

    Everyone wants to be a hero, and I am sure it will look just like the movies, complete with my observations noted above.
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  3. nina

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    i think open carry is bad for logistical reasons regarding risk aversion and whatnot.
    concealed is the way to go.
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