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  1. Lias

    Lias Open Community!

    Before this had my name, now it's a dig to Colleen. I guess Lain is next. Too funny.
  2. Bulldick!

    Bulldick! Rampaging

    Welcome to colleen's land!

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  3. Caity

    Caity Should Update Title

    Ty, but I think my visa expired, I got out real soon!
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  4. Bulldick!

    Bulldick! Rampaging

    I believe you mean the Inuit... then again, the chinese may have 1000 words for rice (and first names).

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  5. Bulldick!

    Bulldick! Rampaging

    I see that maths are not your strongest subject either. 63 reported posts, you claim 1, I claim one... colleen has been telling everyone how sore is her report finger... assuming someone else reported 1 post.. the other 60 belongs to....?

    Yes, I believe you can answer that if you think hard enough.

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  6. New Me

    New Me Envoy's research assistant...

    My apologies - when I first typed it, I had remembered the bit about "reporting posts til my finger was sore", but somehow had it confused with one of your many hundreds of posts. I went back and checked, because it was bothering me, and indeed realized it was Colleen who had said it.

    There won't be any further revisions, and I'm sure as hell not going to expect something from you along the lines of "well, I appreciate your honesty and taking the time to make that correction". Breath: not held.
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  7. Wad

    Wad Drama is Fascinating

    And, according to the guidelines set forth in this thread, it should be reported as such, and subsequently deleted, after issuing an infraction to the poster...at least, if the guidelines were applied to all members equally...But perhaps that is yet another erroneous assumption on my part. I've seen nothing to indicate that this is true.
  8. Kokoro Fasching

    Kokoro Fasching Hydrargyrum Pixie

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  9. New Me

    New Me Envoy's research assistant...

    Inflationary rhetoric!
  10. Liona Clio

    Liona Clio Poetry in Motion

    Why do we have to go through this in every forum?

    Leck used to own SCII. He could run it however he wanted.
    Cris owns SLU. He can run it however he wants.
    Mars owns gV. S/He can run it however s/he wants.

    Online self-governance and community is, was and always will be an illusion. There's always someone who owns the server you're posting to. And they have every legal right to ban each and every one of us from this forum...as well as pull the plug on the whole she-bang.

    To me, what Mars says goes. If Mars wants the opinions of the forum, great! Just don't think that Mars has to listen to us masses. people need to except what Mars does, ignore the rantings of the assholes, and post more boobie pics.
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  11. Han Held

    Han Held <3 Internet Mean little kid <3

    I'll just leave this right here....
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  12. LeeHere Absent

    LeeHere Absent Just Lee

    Thank you very much for this, Mars. Much appreciated and already very much enjoyed.

    Fine print: I plan to keep the rest of my responses to this thread and topic contained, for the most part, in my Forum Feedback thread in area17.
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  13. Love

    Love Feel the love

    Mars has gone to great lengths to try to make the governance of this forum reflect the will of the community.

    That should answer your questions and points.
  14. Pep

    Pep Eats Mars for breakfast


    Pep (With great power comes great responsibility!)
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  15. colleen Criss

    colleen Criss Your life will never be the same again.

    Things like this MAY have something to do with it..... http://www.gotvirtual.net/community...in-many-ways-including.1141/page-7#post-46324 . I have no idea I do know this..... the wild westers who wanted a saloon have one and still are not happy. Because I think they didn't like the plate on which their cake was served ... they are missing that fact. Because they have decided that those who do NOT want the saloonatics to consume the entire forum they do NOT own , they now campaign to get them removed or make them conform to their bs tactics.

    They want to be cowboys and so they shall.
  16. Wad

    Wad Drama is Fascinating

    First, a reminder of what mars put in the #1 post here, of a way to 'test the resolve'...to wit:

    "in case that is not clear enough, if one wishes to test the resolve of the mcp:

    deride fellow inhabitants in this thread"

    Second, just an fyi that I've just reported you for the above post, for doing exactly as you were told NOT to do, especially in this thread.
  17. Pep

    Pep Eats Mars for breakfast

    I address stupidity in posts. It just happens that the same posters tend to post stupid posts . . .

    Pep ( . . . so it is hardly "stalking" if they submit stupid posts all over the forums and I reply to them where they arise.)
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  18. Kick Frenzy

    Kick Frenzy HUZZAH!

    Pep, that's a great point I'd been thinking about earlier.

    What may look like Poster A following Poster B, may in fact just be Poster A responding to threads listed in New Posts.
    But, because Poster B is also in some, or most, of those threads, it seems like Poster A is following Poster B...
    when in reality Poster A is just posting to popular threads that Poster B just happens to already be in.

    But I wanted to comment on the OP, so I'll start a new response for that.
    (See my next post for more)
  19. Kick Frenzy

    Kick Frenzy HUZZAH!

    I can see where that would be overwhelming, especially for one person to sift through and shuffle posts off to their best placements.
    On the other hand, that kind of what owning a forum is about. At least, if you want to run it according to a set of rules.
    I'm not saying "Yer doing it wrong!", I'm saying I understand... but it would be cool if those reported posts and threads were looked at to gauge the community and reactions to current events.

    Thank you for the changes made in response to the community and what we've all been hashing out.
    It seems like you have done what you can with the information given and all sides being taken into consideration.
    I don't know if it's listed elsewhere, but it would be welcome to see the threshold for those infractions posted... to avoid "he only got" or "but she got that many" or whatever.
    Just please keep in mind that sometimes people are innocently unaware of where they are posting, since the only way to see that is one spot at the top of the page instead of a more constant clue.
    Er... once at the top of the page and... once at the bottom, under the comment section. I think I've just resolved that this is a moot point now. :)
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  20. Wad

    Wad Drama is Fascinating

    + 10 * 10,000 !
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