Solanae Dyson Sphere - Battlezone Walkthrough (Ground PvE Zone)

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    Solanae Dyson Sphere - Battlezone Walkthrough (Ground PvE Zone)
    I wanted to make this walk-through before it became irrelevant/outdated. Specifically, I wanted to address some of the things I wish I had known right off the start and provide some strategies I developed after running it a number of times. Please enjoy.

    * * * * * * * * * *

    General Information about Ground Combat:

    Before running into the Battlezone, I would like to address some universal ground PvE/PvP nuances that make life far easier on the ground when the lasers are firing and bombs are exploding.

    1) Aim:

    Default Hot Key (X) - Increases your weapon damage by 33% and reduces your movement speed.

    2) Crouch:

    Default Hot Key (C) - adds +50% dodge, and you can take all other actions except for movement while Crouching. The majority of your time in combat will be spent Crouched.

    3) Flanking - As Voth spawn it at various points, always be sure of where you are in relation to the enemy. Be sure that if you are being flanked, you pick the lesser of two evils and try and face the larger group/enemy. 'Tab targetting' (Default Hot Key (Tab), allows you to quickly switch targets while still being able to use your mouse/hotkeys to activate other abilities.

    4) Supplies (specifically, Hypo's) - Buy them, have them, love them, YOU NEED THEM. This goes for you and your Bridge Officers. Put 80 on each Bridge Officer and always check for restocking after every completed Battlezone. This becomes especially important in the situations when you find yourself capturing a point alone and you cannot afford to have a downed Bridge Officer.

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Additional Recommendation: Bridge Officers

    I like to use two Engineers as my Bridge Officers for this Battlezone. Their set up/explanation is:

    1) Mines: Provides close quarters security for my Bridge Officers and a pretty big punch.

    2) Phaser Turret I: Provides an extra barrel pointed at the enemy. Additionally, if you have the Duty Officer that gives a chance to proc' additional turrets, that applies to your Bridge Officers, as well, and you could see one Phaser Turret I and two additional Phaser Turret III's surrounding your Bridge Officer.

    3) Medical Turret I: Provides healing for my Bridge Officer, as well, a free flowing zone in which I receive constant healing.

    4) Quantum Turret II: Provides a range attack that shoots a decent distance and higher kinetic damage assisting me on the larger targets as they appear.

    *Note* This is what I run, customize something that works for you!


    * * * * * * * * * *

    General Information and Strategies about the Battlezone:

    I do not want to reiterate too much of what has/was already explained in the Introduction Cutscene.

    There are three (3) areas within the Battlezone.

    1) City

    2) Park

    3) Outskirts

    Aside from having different names and geography, there is almost nothing different about the zones. The only real difference is each individual has its own separate mini-boss. Killing each one rewards an accolade.

    These three zones have three primary capture points and two sub points.

    1) Artillery (Primary)

    2) Omega Generator (Primary)

    3) Voth Encampment (Primary)

    4) Transporter (Sub)

    5) Final Objective (Sub)

    1) Artillery Capture Point:



    At this point you will find six (6) generator towers dispersed throughout a large area guarded by different forces of Voth. Each of the these towers must be deactivated to deactivate the artillery and capture the point.

    It is important to realize that each of these six (6) towers has three (3) panels that must all be deactivated before that tower is considered deactivated. Once a single tower is deactivated, it slowly comes back online on its own. Therefore, it is a race to complete all six (6) towers. Once all the towers are down, Voth reinforcements will arrive. This is generally in the form of a Minor Dino. Mech. Up to three of these Mech.'s will be dispatched based on how many Captains are capturing the point.


    You should be able, with your bridge officers, to take all six (6) points before you have any specific respawn at the towers. However, I like to set rally points for my bridge officers between the points. If you situate your Bridge Officer between two (2) of the control towers, he/she should be able to reach both towers and any respawns that may appear. I leave them between these points as I progress, ultimately having all six (6) points covered. Once the reinforcements are dispatched by the Voth, I call my Bridge Officers to me (right click rally icon) and use them to assist with the reinforcements. Again, remember you can set rally points for your Bridge Officers around the Voth reinforcements so that you receive the flanking bonus, and if the enemy has facing shields, you are still doing damage on two of the three fronts.

    2) Omega Generator

    <<For the purpose of this explanation, the left side is the side my Captain is currently standing on in the picture above. It is important to realize the difference between each side.>>

    At this point you will find a large cylinder sitting atop a viaduct. The goal is to have the cylinder traverse the entire rail line and enter a compartment on the other side. This 'event' is begun by activating the console underneath the cylinder on the left side as is observable in the picture above. The panels on the viaduct will turn turquoise to signify that the cylinder is advancing and red if it stops. If the viaduct paneling goes red and the cylinder stops, the consoles on the LEFT side are used to start it again. The consoles on the RIGHT are the ones the Voth reinforcements will attempt to access to stop the viaduct. If the Voth are allowed the complete their function on the RIGHT consoles the cylinder will begin moving to the start.



    Once the cylinder is activated, immediately go to the RIGHT side so you can ensure the Voth do not have access to the consoles. If the viaduct goes red (stops), all you need to do is quickly run to the LEFT side and reactivate the console.

    These consoles can be activated in combat.

    I like to, again, use rally points to better utilize my Bridge Officers. When I make the jump to the RIGHT side, I set a rally point for my first Bridge Officer at the start and my second Bridge Officer half way down. I then position myself in the middle and cover both my Bridge Officers. Once the Cylinder makes it to the half way point, I move my first Bridge Officer ('leap frogging') to the end. Enemies will spawn on both sides of the viaduct, but because the consoles are on the right and you are on the right, they will all migrate towards you.

    Voth Encampment (Capture and Hold Point):


    At this point, it is a standard Capture and Hold. All you must do is stand inside the circle that is the capture point and hold it against spawn after spawn of Voth. Periodically, you will have some of the Dino. Mec.'s (Minor/Major) spawn. But again, it is just a matter of capturing the point.


    I like to, again with the rally points, set up a triangle with my Bridge Officers. This is demonstrated on the picture above. This allows me to, once again, take advantage of and optimize flanking. The major difficulty with this point is not being able to keep up with the spawns. This only becomes an issue when a major dino. mec. spawns in addition to all the other spawns. However, taking advantage of flanking and covering the perimeter becomes even more important because the Voth will be trying to get into the circle to stop the point from being captured.

    Remember, if you are not standing inside the circle (shown in the picture above (it is green when you are inside it)) you will not capture the point. As well, when Voth are within the circle, the capture bar will stop until the Voth are eliminated.

    Transporter: (Sub-Point)


    This point is guarded by a four (4) low level Voth and two turrets. Kill the guards and activate the console on the right (facing) side of the transporter. These transporters could be considered a supply route that should be constantly open.


    Once you capture any of the previous four (4) points, little pink icons will appear all over the area. These are called Command Credits. They do not need to be looted, all you need do is run over them. Once you are out of combat an option will appear to "Request Reinforcements." You use these Command Credits in various increments to summon additional security for the control points and a relational reward of Dyson Sphere Marks.

    These Command Credits are used to complete two (2) of the four (4) daily missions. Refer to the daily missions at the bottom of this walkthrough for information on the dailies and specifics of the Command Credit to Dyson Sphere Mark conversion.

    Be sure to use these Command Credits before you log off for the day, as they will disappear from your inventory after a period of being logged off.

    Boss Encounter:

    There are two (2) parts to this event that are running concurrently. The T-Rex and the Voth Scientists.

    I will explain the T-Rex first.


    This boss is, for all intent and purpose, a 'tank'n'spank,' meaning there is no stages to the fight, what you see is what you get. There is one detail that should be emphasized, however. The T-Rex, periodically, will crouch and launch artillery shots into the air. Where the artillery lands is based on where players and pets/toys have been while he was launching. The artillery strike is indicated on the ground as a pink circle with an inner circle that shrinks as the artillery shot gets closer to landing and detonating. You have time to get out of the way, so do it. It does decent kinetic damage and a knock down.


    Again, I like to set up rally points for my Bridge Officers, however, this is a little different as I will explain in the concurrent step of this encounter. Refer to the strategy following the next picture.

    Note* - The T-Rex itself does NOT affect the overall, zone wide event. The T-Rex is just a boss that rewards 460 Dilithium for the kill. Refer to the explanation following the next picture.


    The console, up on the 'stage' behind the T-Rex is where the real event is. These Voth Scientists, as can be viewed in the previous picture, effect the Omega Particle Counter for the current area and overall zone you are in. If these Scientists are left alone, you can fail the event in your area, de-spawning the T-Rex and failing the area. These Scientists spawn periodically throughout the encounter and must be killed.


    For this overall event I position myself on the stairs. I set rally points for my Bridge Officers and place them on either side of the stairs. This way, my Bridge Officers and I can protect the consoles and ensure that the area is not failed. Also, the T-Rex is a large target in conjunction with the artillery barrages, it is wise to spread out.

    -If- Someone else is watching the Scientists, I fan myself out in my tradition triangle to, again, take advantage of flanking.

    It is important to remember, if you are solo, you will not be able to kill the T-Rex. The best thing to do is sit up by the consoles and kill the Voth Scientists as they spawn. Killing the Scientists will not engage the T-Rex if the T-Rex is far enough away.

    * * * * * * * * * *

    Dailies/Missions within the Battlezone:

    There are four daily missions in the Ground Battlezone:

    1) Secure Voth Points

    2) Acquire Battlezone Command Credits

    3) Call in Reinforcements at Captured Points

    4) Defeat Voth in the Battlezone.

    These dailies are unlocked, one at a time, through the progression order in which they are listed. Once all four dailies are unlocked, they will all be available on the standard cooldown.


    1) Secure Voth Points:

    This is the primary daily for the zone. This daily awards a (1) Dyson Commendation used in the 20 hour reputation mission. 50 Dyson Sphere Marks and 960 Dilithium

    The requirement for completing this mission is capturing two points in one of the three (City/Park/Outskirts) zones of the Battlezone -or- assisting a teammate (who must be on his/her daily Secure Voth Points mission) capturing two points.

    This mission is on a 20 hour cooldown.

    2) Acquire Battlezone Command Credits:

    This is a secondary daily for the zone. This daily awards 10 Dyson Sphere Marks and 240 Dilithium.

    This is a standard turn in mission.

    The requirement for completing this mission is attaining 20 Battlezone Command Credits.

    This mission is on a 20 hour cooldown


    3) Call Reinforcements at Captured Points:

    This is a tertiary daily for the zone. This daily awards 25 Dyson Sphere Marks and 480 Dilithium.

    The requirement for completing this mission is calling in a number of reinforcements at a captured point.

    Upon capturing any point and being out of combat, and option appears to "Request Reinforcements." You can call in reinforcements in four (4) increments. The daily is percentage based and each increment offers a percentage towards the overall mission.

    a) Transport Ensign - 20 Command Credits - Reward: 1 Dyson Marks - Percentage towards mission - 10%

    b) Transport Lieutenant - 40 Command Credits - Rewards: 3 Dyson Marks - Percentage towards mission - 25%

    c) Transport Commander - 80 Command Credits - Rewards: 5 Dyson Marks - Percentage towards mission - 50%

    d) Transport Captain - 120 Command Credits - Rewards: 10 Dyson Marks - Percentage towards mission - 100%

    This mission is on a 20 hour cooldown.

    4) Defeat Voth in the Battlezone:

    This is an hourly mission. This daily awards Dilithium in three increments based on a total number of Voth eliminated in a 5 minute period starting immediately upon the first kill your captain is involved in.

    The requirement/increments are as follows:

    a) Defeat 10+ Voth (in 5 minutes) to earn 480 Dilithium

    b) Defeat 40+ Voth (in 5 minutes) to earn 720 Dilithium

    c) Defeat 60+ Voth (in 5 minutes) to earn 960 Dilithium

    It is important to note that the cooldown for this mission only begins AFTER it has been turned in. So ensure you turn it in quickly if you are looking to capitalize on Dilithium

    You receive more credit towards the total number of Voth defeated for bigger targets.

    Lastly, I recommend this mission is completed at a Voth Encampment as again, it is a pure capture and hold point in which enemies spawn constantly throughout the duration of the capture.
    I hope this Guide/Walkthrough helps! When I have more time, I intend to do a bit of an explanation of the Mini-Bosses within each of the three zones, where they are located and some strategies on how to defeat them.

    By: Captain: Jericho Alexander

    Used with Permission by: RemaDonna
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